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AMDA Emergency Relief for Kumamoto Earthquake 5

Publication date:2016-04-19
The second medical team who left Okayama on April 17th arrived in Mashiki-machi via Fukuoka. The road to the disaster-stricken area from the nearest expressway interchange was packed with cars. It took four hours to go the distance of 30 kms (18 miles), but they managed to reach Hiroyasu Elementary School where the first team has been working for the evacuees. On April 18th, the team of three medical doctors started their day’s activity at 6 am.

 Though electricity is back on at the school, there is no news when the supply of water and gas will resume. Because of the constant aftershocks, people fled their homes to this evacuation shelter. Some people spend their days in the hallway, others in the entrance hall.

AMDA medical team has so far seen 89 patients. Their major symptoms were external injuries, insomnia, depression, common cold, and constipation.

Responding to the current situation in the area, AMDA will continue to dispatch additional medical teams. On April 19th, a midwife will join the ground team.
    •  Japan
    •  2016