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Sixth Dental Mission (2010 Haiti Earthquake Reconstruction Activity)

Publication date:2016-02-15
AMDA-Haiti Conducts Dental Missions

Continuing the tradition of caring for the affected, AMDA still conducts regular medical activities in Haiti, even long after the massive Haiti- Earthquake in 2010. 
On 30th January 2016, AMDA Haiti conducted its 6th dental mission at the Salvation Army Hospital in Fonds-des-Negres. AMDA has been supporting survivors of 2010 Great Haiti Earthquake by providing various projects such as;
i.    Year-long prosthesis project where AMDA appointed and based a Japanese Prosthetic technician in Haiti to produce and provide prosthesis to the people affected by the disaster
ii.    Soccer and culture exchange programme for 3 consecutive years involving children from the affected areas of Haiti, Dominica Republic and Japan.
iii.    Annual get together and Christmas celebration for the prosthesis patients and their families.
iv.    Conducting regular dental missions.

During this dental mission, 46 patients from Aquin and other countryside areas came to receive dental care. They received services such as oral examination, dental checkup, cleaning, dental restoration, and tooth extraction. In addition, the 4th grade dental school student, Mr. Maxime Floradin provided a dental and oral hygiene education to the patients. 

Since the local residents have to go far distant hospitals to take dental care and where dental hygiene education is rare, this mission proved to be really meaningful. One of the patients told the dental team that this was his first time to meet a dentist in his life. According to patients, they hope this dental project to be conducted at other local areas. Many patients were satisfied and expressed their appreciation to the AMDA team of dentists. 
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