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Follow-up Activities for Typhoon KOPPU in the Philippines

Publication date:2015-12-16
After it’s landfall in the central Luzon region on 18th of October 2015, typhoon KOPPU caused 48 fatalities, 83 injured, and 4 missing, and over 3,000,000 people have been affected (Philippine National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council [NDRRMC] on 3rd November). Upon receiving a request of assistance from our local partner in Pangasinan, on 21st of October, AMDA decided to conduct emergency relief activity for the affected people, and subsequently the AMDA nurse was dispatched to municipality of Lingayen, Pangasinan, located 200km north of Manila.With support from our local partner, AMDA conducted a medical mission and distributed food items to affected people in two Barangays, namely Brangay Wawa and Barangay Aplaya..

On the 3rd of December, AMDA nurse revisited Lingayen, Pangasinan for a follow up activity. According to our local partner, while lives in some of affected areas have been restored gradually as the floodwater receded, others are still in need of support such as San Jose Community in Barangay Aplaya. San Jose people used to live in a highly flood-prone area, and recently moved to Barangay Aplaya. Immediately after the construction of their houses started, typhoon KOPPU hit the area and damaged their houses. This made it difficult to install their new wells due to lack of finance. Additionally, people in the community need to take much time to go to their neighboring community in order to draw water. Therefore, installation of new wells was much needed support to promote better sanitation in their community as they have an easy access to their water source.


Thus, AMDA decided to purchase 8 sets of hand pumps and pipes for water well and support its installation fee for the affected people in San Jose community of Barangay Aplaya. On 4th December, at a local meeting, AMDA handed over 8 sets of hand pumps and pipes to the president of San Jose community. He stated “This is just like an early Christmas present, thank you very much.”


AMDA nurse also visited Barangay Wawa, where AMDA had conducted a relief activity, and talked to a barangay health officer. She quoted “Actually, when AMDA came for an emergency relief, I was very happy. Thank you. After flood subsided, we could plant corn and eggplant in our field.” “When the typhoon hit Pangasinan, our house was flooded up to knee level, and its roof was fallen. We had to go to a nearby evacuation site. As people had no food then, I shared food from my small store with our neighbors. Since I am a local nurse at Wawa, it is my obligation to help my people in need. However, there is still a hole on my roof.” she was talking in lively voice. Currently, the floodwater completely receded, and crops are planted in farms and rice fields, which is the sign of gradual restoration.
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