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Delivery of Farm-Produce Harvested from AMDA Food Program

Publication date:2015-12-28
Since 2012, AMDA staff have been making courtesy visits to the diplomatic offices in Japan to hand over agricultural produces (organic rice and rice cake-‘mochi’) harvested from AMDA Notoro farm and Shinjo village. This year, AMDA sent the organic produces to about 13 Embassies and Consulates in Tokyo and Osaka and reported the progress on AMDA Food Program in Shinjo village during courtesy visits to some of the Embassies.

During the visit to the Embassy of Indonesia in December 2015, the head of agriculture, Mr. Dadeng Gunawan explained the domestic situation in Indonesia: “Recently, the number of rich and middle class people are increasing rapidly in Indonesia, who want to buy safer, more secure, and delicious organic food. However, as local farmers lack their knowledge and ability in packaging and distribution to meet the demand in the market, we need technical support.” Also, he made us feel welcomed and had a deep interest in AMDA Food Program (AFP), “Young people with interest in agriculture, in the world, is on the decline. Even though they are very much like to eat rice, only few of them know how to make it. In Japan, there are many agricultural events. It is very good for urban children to experience in rural areas, such as planting or reaping rice.” Lastly, he thanked AMDA for delivering rice and rice cakes in person. He promised to let AMDA know how it tasted and also expressed his desire to visit Shinjo to observe the farm in the future”

We also visited the Embassy of Bangladesh and met Charge d’ Affaires, Dr. Jiban Ranjan Majumder, who welcomed us and stated “Thank you for AMDA's relief and support activities in Bangladesh. As Japan and Bangladesh have a long relationship since the 7th century, I hope to continue this good relationship. Thank you for providing us with rice and rice cake.” 
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