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Emergency Relief Activity for Afghanistan-Pakistan Earthquake

Publication date:2016-01-07
A powerful earthquake with a 7.5 magnitude struck Hindu Kush mountain range in Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan on October 26, 2015 and also affected a large area of Pakistan. According to UNOCHA, 117 fatalities and 544 injured have been reported; 12,794 homes were damaged and 7,384 houses were destroyed in Afghanistan (as of 23/12/2015). In Pakistan, there were 280 deaths and 1770 injured. 109,123 houses were reported to have partial or complete damages (as of 22/12/2015). Immediately after hearing the news about the earthquake, AMDA has contacted our local partners - AMDA Afghanistan and National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) in Pakistan.

According to our local partners, there was a need for relief activities, thus AMDA has decided to support the affected people from the earthquake in collaboration with them. In Pakistan, NRSP conducted assessment in the badly hit area in KP province, and 174 houses were found severely damaged. Therefore, in collaboration with NRSP, AMDA decided to provide building materials for 4 households chosen locally considering scale of damages on their houses and residents’ economic status in Union Council Fatima, Mardan District of KP province.


After the handover of building materials in mid-November, affected-residents worked hard for about a month to repair their houses to make it, once again, livable. As of the end of December, some completed their repair and others were in progress due to shortage of labor and/or finance. One of the beneficiaries stated, “As much as we have been through a lot, instead of falling into self-pity I am grateful to Allah, my family, NRSP and AMDA. My family had faced lots of problems after earthquake, but at least now we are out of the critical situation after staying the neighboring house for two months and now I have two well-constructed rooms where my daughters and sons have a chance to live a better life.”


In Afghanistan, AMDA Afghanistan conducted assessments in the affected areas. However, due to local circumstances, we found difficulty extending our support to the local affected people. AMDA will continue to monitor the situation in the affected area.
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