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Relief Activity for Typhoon Melor - II

Publication date:2015-12-25
AMDA nurse finally reached the flood-affected area of Northern Samar on the 23rd early morning. After meeting with AMDA local contact on her arrival at Catarman she moved to Victoria in Northern Samar. On the way to Victoria they purchased some of the relief goods such as 2000 packs dry noodle packs and 2000 cans of sardines.

With the help of AMDA`s partners and local people they packed the relief items into 2000 individual packs for easy delivery. Each house-hold will receive 1kg dry-noodle pack and a 425g-can of sardine. A total of 2000 packs will be distributed to the affected in 16 barangays in municipality of Victoria in Northern Samar.

According to AMDA nurse, the living conditions at any affected areas are very minimal. Neither electricity nor running water is available and that makes daily survival very difficult especially for families with small children. Small fragile huts made of tree trunks and banana leaves are easily flown away by the strong wind. Electricity poles are down and it looked as if it was after typhoon Yolanda.

People who lost their houses are living at either neighbor's house; some people are living in the damaged houses after covering the holes temporarily by tarpaulins and others are living in barangay halls. In addition, some villagers started rebuilding their houses immediately after the disaster.

Fortunately, the rice-harvest was completed in the region before the typhoon hit. However, some coconut farms (another source of income and food) and other trees are damaged or uprooted by the typhoon.

AMDA team is going to monitor the health condition of the affected people and medical needs. After the 24th, they will continue to distribute to relief supplies.

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