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AMDA Peace Clinic completes Six Successful Years

Publication date:2015-12-07

On 20 November 2015, the ceremony to celebrate the 6th anniversary of AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya in Bihar State, India, was held at Isshin-ji Temple. APC has been running along side with Isshinji Temple since its inauguration in 2009 under the trust “SaijoInarisan Boddai Isshiji Trust”.

In August 2014, the APC started with new service of Maternal and Child Care. In total there are 72 registered mothers and pregnant women at APC registry. The clinic is held regularly on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month and the patients pay a nominal fee of 20 rupees per visit. Consultation, pathology tests and medicine are provided free of charge to all mothers-to-be and mothers. APC also plans to have a monthly dental clinic from January 2016.
Guests of the ceremony included 7 Japanese Buddhist priests, 10-15 visitors from Japan, the president of AMDA group, trust members of the Clinic, members of Gaya Rotary Club and AMDA members.
During the elaborate ceremony of prayer, the Japanese priest mesmerized the local participants with the beauty and techniques used at a Japanese traditional religious ceremony. Following the ceremony sweets donated to the temple were distributed to local children. Board members of the Trust held a meeting on the same day and exchanged opinions and ideas for future development of the Clinic and its activities.
President of AMDA also visited and met with the recipients of his Micro credit/finance program at the local village. He shred discussed ideas with the recipients on how to improve their lifestyle by improving their earing capacity.
The presidents of AMDA and On the Nichirenshu Temple also distributed about 80 blankets to children at a local registered home for orphans and at a nursing home for elderly.
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