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Relief Activity for Typhoon KOPPU 2

Publication date:2015-10-26
On 23rd of October 2015, AMDA dispatched a nurse to conduct relief activities for the typhoon-affected people of the Philippines.  Soon after she arrived in Manila, she joined our local partner and moved to Pangasinan province, one of the most affected areas.

The following day, AMDA implemented medical missions, goods distributions and provided free meals in Barangay Wawa and Aplaya in collaboration with local partners. The joint medical team comprised with three doctors and a nurse from the regional police of Pangasinan, a nurse from a provincial hospital, AMDA nurse and many local municipality officers. They provided medical assistance for about 400 people in total. During the consultation, many of the patients complained respiratory symptoms and the team was able to prescribed necessary medicine provided by the government.

The areas where AMDA joint team visited were predominantly farming communities. Although the water has been subsided and people started going back home, huge damage of pre-harvest paddy fields could be noticed. Therefore, the people happily received two kilograms of rice and a can-food and tasted the chicken porridge, which AMDA joint team prepared.

A local villager told AMDA nurse, “We are in need of food. There are too many things to do; it seems endless. But we have to get over this and move forward.”
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