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Reports on AMMM: Nepal Earthquake 2015

Publication date:2015-10-07
by Dr. Mohammad Humayun Alamgir, AMDA Bangladesh
  A deadly earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 that happened in Nepal at 11:55 AM on the 25th April ‘2015 killed more than 8,500 people and injured more than 22,000 people. It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since 1934.Hundreds of thousands of the people became homeless with entire villages flattened across many districts of the country. It destroyed also many world heritage sites and tourist spots.

As a continuation of the medical relief operation for the victims, AMDA has decided to arrange a Multinational Medical Mission in Nepal. I was sent from AMDA Bangladesh to assist maximizing medical relief operation along with necessary drugs to strengthen local initiatives with the ‘Sogo Fujo’ spirit of AMDA. More doctors and medical team from other AMDA chapters and partner organizations came to join the missions.

On the 9th May 2015, a child specialist from Canada and I with huge medicines, water and other necessaries started for the Gorkha district. In the both side of the road we saw hundreds of destroyed houses and other buildings. On the following day, after about five and half hour journey from the central of Gorkha, we reached at our destination. We are 5 doctors served there for 2 and half hour and advised 168 patients. Most of the patients complained about pain in the trauma sites, fever, infected wound, scabies, common cold, diarrhea, inflammation of ear, joint swelling etc.

On 11th May, we started our medical mission at 10:00 am. Patients of different age group were attended in the camp. After one to two hours, one female patient was brought here from a long distance in a stretcher in seriously ill condition. She got all intravenous injectable medicine, infusion within very short time. She was also in our observation for just about two hours. In total, more than 75 patients were treated from our temporary emergency medical camp. Most of them were suffering from pain in the different parts of the body, vertigo, diarrhea, fever, burning pain, vomiting, etc.

On the last day, 12th May 2015, we started our mission earlier than the previous day. Many patients came from a long distance, and women and the children were large in number. It was a huge response really in spite of raining what surprised us all. It was not only a bad weather but also a risky place, top of the hill where was the camp. We got a tremor around at 1:25 pm. We noticed a land sliding just two hill beside us. Old age people were also attended the camp for their old age complications like weakness, loss of appetite, vertigo, dimness of vision, cough and cold etc. Patients who required long term treatment were advised go to hospitals in Kathmandu and Siddhartha Children and Mother Hospital at Butwal, Nepal. By this time more than 70 patients had seen by us.  Finally, it was the time to say Good Bye for me. I started walking along unsmooth and stony hill side track with two other members of our team. After a journey on foot for two and half an hour we all reached on the main road. Near evening a jeep was sent by AMDA Nepal, and we reached at the capital Kathmandu near midnight after several days.

It was one of the biggest AMMM in Nepal where the local initiatives were remarkable. This AMMM was strengthened through the participation of Nepal Medical council, Local doctors of Nepal, local volunteers, the community peoples of local government of Nepal, Doctors of AMDA Nepal, Doctor of Canada, Doctors of Japan and many more support.  I feel that without their active and cordial participation it was not possible to come in a one roof and make a successful mission. Now we can raise our voice -- We ALL For ALL.

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