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Emergency Relief Activity for Eastern Japan Flood 1

Publication date:2015-09-11

Since the beginning of September continuous rain caused by Tropical Storm Etau led the nearby rivers to reach their maximum capacity. This is in turn caused the river banks to burst and dykes to break resulting in massive floods and landslides in many residential areas of East Japan (Northern Kanto and Tohoku regions). Especially, Joso City of Ibaragi Prefecture along KINU river has been badly damaged. Also, areas along with upper stream of the river in Tochigi Prefecture has also been affected.


                                           Departing Ceremony at Soja City, Okayama

In responding to the situation, on the 11th of September, AMDA has decided to dispatch AMDA staff to Nikko City in Tochigi Prefecture in partnership with Soja City, Okayama under the Memorandum of Cooperation. Once reaching there, the team will collect more information and plan any possible relief activities.
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