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Emergency Relief Activity for Floods in Myanmar 2

Publication date:2015-08-18
On the 16th of August 2015, the joint medical team of Myanmar Medical Association and AMDA proceeded to At thoke village, one of the affected areas as scheduled. Once the medical team approached the area, they found most of the village is still submerged, and flood water is remained up to knee high. Although the water that reached 16 feet at the highest is receding now, muddy roads disturb access. 
According to the local information, people may have to struggle against lack of rice due to devastation of rice fields by this flood.

MMA and AMDA joint medical team conducted their activity at town ship hospital in Nga thone chaung town. They saw 200 patients in total, including 60 children within about four hours. The major symptoms of children were Acute Respiratory Infection and dehydration and many adults complained dyspnea on exertion, hypertension and sore muscles.
In addition, they distributed 300 water bottles, 850 kg of rice and 480 packs of noodles to the hospital so that affected people out of condition receive some food.

MMA will continue their weekly medical assistance for the affected people for two months.
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