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First Mother and Childcare Clinic in Mastipur, Bodhgaya

Publication date:2015-08-03
On the 2nd of August 2015, AMDA Peace Clinic of Bodhgaya, conducted it`s first special service of Gynecology for the people of Mastipur and Pipalpati.
AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) has been providing mother and childcare services from late last year with the help of a nurse visiting the homes of pregnant women and young mothers in the area. However since the beginning APC was struggling to find a suitable doctor from the local area. The nurses have been following up the pregnancy from the beginning and provide all kind of necessary advice and hygiene educations to the mothers. Further they continue their support and services even after a birth of the child. Every registered beneficiary has a file with APC and records of the whole pregnancy and the child`s growth will be recorded on it. The local nurses worked with a visiting Japanese nurse from AMDA in February 2015 to develop the record book and continue to use very efficiently.
APC and its staff have been wanting to provide such much needed service to the young pregnant women and mothers in the marginalized community. Finally with the help of Gaya Rotary Club, APC was able to find Dr. Rita Varma, a prominent Gynecologist in Gaya to provide the service twice a month. 
List of 17 APC-registered pregnant mothers received the full service of the doctor with medicine. The community was overjoyed to have had such a service for the first time in the community. AMDA and APC would like to thank Gaya Rotary Club for its generous effort to find a female Gynecologist. A pathology technician was also there to conduct the blood test when requested. 
Most of all APC staff, who worked hard towards this event were very happy to have such a clinic at site for the first time. The next clinic of this series will be held on the 30th of August. We also thank Gaya Rotary for the effort. 
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