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Rehabilitation Activity for Nepal Earthquake

Publication date:2015-07-02
Rehabilitation Activity for Nepal Earthquake
~ Psychosocial support and counseling training for volunteers in collaboration with Nepal Medical Association, Japan Medical Association and AMDA~

On 25th of the April, massive earthquake devastated Nepal and left deep psychological scars in the minds of affected people. Following the initial emergency relief activities, AMDA has been supporting a training program for volunteer counselors in cooperation with Nepal Medical Association (NMA) and Japan Medical Association (JMA). AMDA believes this program can help to improve psychosocial care.

The first training program was held at the district health office in Dhading, in total 30 people including some local health assistants learnt mental issues, such as  PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder), depression, loss, and stress coping and counseling skills from psychologists and psychiatrists.
The president of Nepal Medical Association delivered the following message, “This training provides ample opportunities to learn and exchange of knowledge and experiences about the psychological counseling for all the participants. I hope after getting this training, you will be able to share the knowledge and skills among your community, working places as well as family, friends and the needy ones.”
NMA, JMA and AMDA have high expectations for the potential that the trained counseling volunteers by this program will be able to support the affected people struggling with mental issues.

 I got an opportunity to take part in this training program provided by NMA, JMA and AMDA. The current post-earthquake psychosocial issues can be effectively dealt with counseling skills and problem solving skills. I gained some qualities of a psychosocial helper, such as confidence, patience and compassion, and learnt useful active listening skill.

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