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Follow-up Activity for Cyclone Pam in Oceania

Publication date:2015-06-22
In March, 2015, massive cyclone Pam impacted and left huge devastation in the island countries in Oceania, such as Vanuatu, Tuvalu and Kiribati. Responding to the situation, AMDA conducted emergency relief activity in Tuvalu after having collected the information from our networks in Samoa and Fiji.

This time as a follow up activity, AMDA has decided to conduct a reconstruction support activity for Cyclone Pam in the Republic of Kiribati. Due to lack of time and response AMDA was unable to conduct relief activities in Kiribati soon after Cyclone PAM.

One coordinator from AMDA HQs left Japan on the 12th of June, for Tarawa, the capital of Kiribati. He visited and discussed with officials from Ministry of Women, Youth and Social Affairs (MWYSA) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kiribati to find the best way to support. Following the local initiative and advice, AMDA decided to collaborate with Kiribati Red Cross who was actively partook in relief activities during Cyclone PAM.
After a few discussion both partied came to an agreement to tackle one of the major problem in the communities. The latrines and sanitary conditions are at poor status in come of the most populated villages of the main islands. To make things even worse the powerful PAM caused further damaged to the already existing but neglected toilet facilities. People in Kiribati heavily relay on rain water and public toilet facilities. It is also rather common among people to use the beach and sea to defecate due to the face that most households do not own a latrine.
Most of the public latrines are in extremely bad conditions and greatly unhygienic. When Cyclone PAM hit the island most of these latrines were flooded and blocked or damaged further. Out of many toilet blocks (each containing 6 units), AMDA was able to reconstruct one whole block with 6 units of latrines. AMDA Coordinator worked with Kiribati Red Cross staff and the local community members to purchase the required materials and started the work. The old block was demolished to the ground and 6 new units were erected at the same place using the same sewage system. The community was very happy for this long awaited necessity and thanked AMDA full heartedly.

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