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Nepal Earthquake: Activity Report From a Dispatched Doctor

Publication date:2015-06-21
AMDA conducted AMDA/GPSP Multinational Medical Missions(AMDA/GPSP MMM) for the great earthquake impacted  Nepal on the 25th of April.
We would like to share a report from a Cambodian doctor who participated in the mission.

AMDA/GPSP Multinational Medical Mission in Nuwakot, Nepal 
                                                      Dr. Mony (AMDA Cambodia)

The urgent phone call from AMDA-HQs rang on the 2nd of May, 2015, to ask for the available medical team from AMDA-Cambodia who could join  the emergency relief activities for Nepal Earthquake. The chairperson of AMDA-Cambodia cancelled his trip for holiday and came back to Phnom Penh to organize the medical team.
Following the AMDA/GPSP MMM for typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013, I was dispatched as a member of the medical team.

AMDA Cambodia medical team arrived in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, on May 5th and joined AMDA Nepal for their medical mission which was implemented in a village located 100 km away from Kathmandu. We provided consultations for 100 patients in two villages. The majority of diseases were those related to the lack of water supply as well as poor hygiene and sanitation, such as gastro-enteritis, skin diseases and flu. 

On the 7th of May, AMDA India joined us and traveled to Nuwakot. Then, we could provide medical consultations for 350 patients for three days there. In addition to the major diseases mentioned above, there were some people who complained of their psychological symptoms. Our activities were welcomed warmly by local authorities.

Lesson learned:
- Psychological support to the victims is important during the post emergency phase after the crisis
- Good Hygiene and Sanitation practices are needed in order to improve the condition of living post crisis.

In conclusion, even though it was only one-week mission, AMDA Cambodia team learned a lot of management for emergency relief activities. We are very happy to be a team with other AMDA chapters’ family and very proud of being a part of this mission.

May the spirit of Sogo-Fujo be forever in our philosophy!

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