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Letter of Appreciation From a Medical Doctor of AMDA Afghanistan

Publication date:2015-05-28
Dear all,
First of all I would like to convey my salams, Ohayo gozaimas to you and all the honorable and kind staff members of AMDA Headquarters in Japan. I also would like to express my sincere gratitude for the friendly treatment that I received while I was in your beautiful country.  I brought back the best impressions from your country and all the hard-working people of Japan to the poor people of my country.  After being a guest of Okayama Prefecture Council, I returned home with unforgettable memories about the people and your beautiful country. 

The well-educated and determined people of Japan worked hard to rebuild their country, after being devastated during World War II.  As I found out Japan is equipped with adequate facilities for people touring the country.  I was also very impressed by the cleanliness during my stay.

It is worth mentioning that the overall transportation system, including air, sea, and road, is quite impressive, particularly the subways and Shinkansen.  The operations and activities of the transportation system are regulated in an appropriate manner to respond to the movements and needs of the people in a satisfactory manner. Japan’s cities are also stunning. Skyscrapers, marvelous multi-story buildings, are designed to withstand all natural incidents such as earthquakes and tremors.  Residential areas are tidy and green.

My training program in Japan, geared for three months, was scheduled and arranged in timely manner by Saiseikai Hospital and supervised by the OPIEF in a proper manner for which I am thankful. The training and information that I received at Saiseikai Hospital was conducted in English.  In some instances, interpreter services were also used. A well-qualified surgeon helped me in OT and introduced me to other relevant wards and medical staff members for which I am thankful. A great pathologist provided thorough information about various departments of the hospital.  I visited the emergency department, the physiotherapy department, the radiology department, the ultrasound department as well as many others.

I was provided with refreshing medical information and knowledge,  as well as skills in different areas for providing medical services to patients. Also, I was provided the opportunity to take part in operational activities.  I acquired valuable training in the areas of medical treatments that were not possible to be performed in Afghanistan.  I was given information about frozen section of pathology to make quick decisions to start bigger and more complicated procedures if needed. I further had the opportunity to observe the Angiography and applying of stunt (stent) in coronary artery and recanalizaton of the arteriovenous shunt for dialysis.  I also had the opportunity to extensively study MRI and CT-scans, laboratory processes of different examinations with advanced technology, and hepatic tumor diagnosis by ultrasonography for huge operations in the hospital. All of this is rare in Afghanistan. I also attained valuable information about acupuncture. I had the opportunity to visit and observe the activities in physiotherapy ward, old-aged patients ward. I also noticed aircraft landing on the top of buildings. I also observed the process and managing of the payment to Insurance Company. Distribution and automatic supplying of drug by pharmacy to the hospital channels, menu and self-servicing of lunches. In regards to the Japanese language,  the OPIEF provided me with some books to learn hiragana and katakana characters for which I am very grateful.

I noticed and was impressed by lots of cases which were quite different from my country, but they may not be different from other developed countries.  At the end of my program in Japan, Saiseikai Hospital was kind enough to donate an ultrasound machine to AJC (Afghanistan Japan Diagnostic Clinic) for which we are grateful. The valuable gift will be used to serve our patients.  The donation was made by Saisekai Hospital. I brought the machine to Kabul via Turkish Airlines. Upon completion of all customs regulations, the machine was delivered to Afghan Japan Diagnostic Clinic and has been put to use.

At the moment, I am working and cooperating as a general surgeon at Afghan Japan Diagnostic Clinic.  The medical knowledge and skills that I attained from Japan help me to better serve the patients here everyday.  I try my best to treat and counsel the patients under the given circumstances. For instance, in Afghanistan the Adnexal cyst or mass is treated according to salpingo-oopharectomy procedures. However, at Saiesikai hospital, surgeons usually treat and remove the cyst and mass, without removing any other parts.  In Japan, the ultrasound machine is operated by a medical technician, but in Afghanistan it is functioned by a medical doctor.

We use the donated ultrasound equipment with a stabilizer to adjust the power current for male and female patients. I am trying to train my colleagues at Afghan Japan Diagnostic Clinic how to operate the donated equipment. At present the Afghan Japan Diagnostic Clinic is trying its best to provide the best services to the patients approaching the clinic. The present  medical services are: dental, gyne-obsteric,  internal medicine, pediatrics, laboratories, ultrasound, vaccination, orthopedic, nursing and pharmacy.

My memories and impressions of Japan are always the subject of my discussions with my colleagues and patients. Receiving training from well-educated professionals and touring a developed country like Japan are very valuable and important to the people of under-developed nations such as Afghanistan. I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the well-educated and hard working people of Japan that provided me with the possibility to acquire more medical skills and knowledge which will certainly benefit the vulnerable people of Afghanistan during the disaster incidents and/or other occasions under AMDA’s program as needed. Special endeavors shall be made to strengthen the friendship and humanitarian relationships of AMDA with the vulnerable and disaster stricken people of Afghanistan. I have to thank you on behalf of AMDA Afghanistan for inviting me to this important training. I hope you keep continuing this kind of training for AJC staff.

Dr. Mohammad Akbar Ahadi

    •  GPSP Friendship Hospital (Promotion of Health)
    •  Afghanistan
    •  2015
    •  Mid-Long Term Project