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Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 19

Publication date:2015-05-24
AMDA continue to provide mobile clinics around the Kathmandu valley with the help and support of the dedicated AMDA Nepal staff.
On the 21st of May, AMDA team held at the local Health Post in Bhaktapur, Gundu. Team of 4 members from AMDA Nepal organized the mission and worked the whole day. There were 62 patients visited the clinic and consulted with AMDA doctor. Most of the people were suffering from scabies, cut injuries, allergic conjunctivitis, gastritis, and throat infections.
On the 22nd of May, AMDA conducted the mobile clinic in Bhimdhunga Village of Ramkot area in Kathmandu. This is one of the badly affected areas due to the earthquake and the sign of which could be seen along the way till we reached the village. As similar to many other places in Kathmandu, people are taking shelter outside their houses and in the plains. 5 members of AMDA including 2 doctors from AMDA Nepal conducted the mobile clinic. 82 people came with various problems, seeking medical advice and medicine. Some of the major complaints were gastritis, allergic reactions, Asthma, hypertension and some cases of diabetes etc. After the clinic the villagers offered fresh tea and berries as an appreciation for the medical services. 

On the 25th of May, AMDA conducted the mobile clinic at Jorpati area of Kathmandu. There were altogether 84 patients and almost all of the patients were complaining about common cough, headache, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, APD and skin infections and rashes. Some of them were suffering from psychological trauma and joint pain. We also received some babies with common cold and cough. AMDA completed the initial stage of relief effort with this mobile clinic today. From now on, AMDA will work with various parties in side and out side of Nepal to serve the affected people around the country.

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