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Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 18

Publication date:2015-05-23
Following the Earthquake disaster and the continuing aftershocks, in Kathmandu people are still afraid of living inside their houses even though the houses are fully intact. They are staying and sleeping overnight in small tents made out of tarpaulin sheets and cloths. They are still in fear of aftershocks and minor tremors that are still continue to occur.
AMDA is continuing it`s daily mobile clinic in the Kathmandu Valley areas with the full support from AMDA Nepal. On the 19th of May, the clinic was held at the local Primary Health Care (PHC) building at Mul-pani, Kathmandu. Two doctors and two assistants from AMDA Nepal along with one coordinator from AMDA HQ helped to organize and complete the mission. There were 101 patients from the local community visited the clinic to consult a doctor. Most of the people were suffering from Psycho disorder due to the earthquake, injuries and wounds, allergic conjunctivitis, gastritis, hypertension and throat problems.

On the 20th of May, AMDA conducted the mobile clinic in Chetrapati village in Kathmandu region. There were many people who took shelters outside their houses all over the village. AMDA Nepal doctors and volunteers conducted mobile clinic. 32 villagers visited the clinic with various problems and some of the notable complaints were once again Psycho disorder and panic, cut injuries and wounds, allergic reactions and symptoms of Asthma etc. Most of the patients were drivers and rickshaw pullers with heavy smoking habits.

AMDA has also donated needed items to an Orphanage school that has been damaged badly due to the earthquake. There are 27 students currently enrolled in the school and they range from 3.5 to 9 years of age. The school is located in the far remote areas of the Dhading region.
AMDA donated the following items: 10 Blankets; 30 high concentrated water purifying Tablets, one Cleansui (Japanese) water purifier Unit, Extra Filter for the unit, 2 manually winding Torch and some supply of cotton and gauze.
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