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Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 16

Publication date:2015-05-17
On the 14th of May AMDA team of 9 members decided to go to two different sites with AMDA Nepal members. One team of 2 AMDA Philippine members and 3 AMDA Japan members went towards Nuwarkot are and it was decided that other team of 2 Canadian members and 2 AMDA Japan members would be send to Sindhupalchok are for another mission. However on the day of departure there was a second earthquake that brought more damaged to Nepal. Due to the trauma suffered by the local staff and the security of staff due to the unsafe mountain roads the team returned back to Kathmandu on the same day.
At the same time AMDA India and AMDA Bangladesh also came back to Kathmandu from Nuwarkot and Gorkha respectively after finishing their missions.
After a day in Kathmandu, responding to a request from the ministry of health to AMDA Nepal, team from AMDA Japan and from Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) once again joint for a medical mission at Kadambas in Sindhupalchok. The team of 6 arrived at Kadambas on the 15th and met with the team of 5 from AMDA Nepal in Kadambas. The team was welcomed by the local who did not have any medical help until now and also present was the armed forces of Nepal. The Army personals were quick to put up 3 tents for AMDA`s activities and provided help with organising the mission.

Along the way to SIndhupalchok the team could witness the severity of the second earthquake that caused extended damage to the Sindhupalchok area. Houses were damaged and many people put up temporary tents with plastic sheets for the purpose of nighttime use. In the mean time AMDA Malaysia also arrived in kathmandu with a team of doctors and paramedics from St. John`s Ambulance-Malaysia on the 17th of May and conducted a mission in the Sindhupalchowk district. 
Kadambas had about 830 families and a population of 2300-2500. There were 80 deaths in total due to the earthquakes. Almost all of the houses in the Kadambas area were flattened to the floor as most of them made with bricks and clay. There were 140 patients at the clinic today and most of the cases were follow-ups from the earthquake cut injuries, soft tissue injuries, APD, Acute gastroenteritis, URTI etc. AMDA nurses also conducted health education twice during the mission. They gathered the children living nearby the camp area and conducted a session of clearing the rubbish and garbage in their neighborhood.
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