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Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 11

Publication date:2015-05-12
Since April 25th when the earthquake hit Nepal, AMDA Nepal has been conducting relief activities for the affected people and AMDA Multinational Medical Teams have been involved in their relief activities in several different districts in Nepal.

On May 8th, the first doctor from AMDA Canada has arrived in Kathmandu. The AMDA team members has been providing free medical care as well as occasional goods distribution in Sindhupalchowk, Nuwakot, and around Kathmandu areas. 

In Kathmandu, communication situation is gradually improving, and part of lifeline such as electricity has been restored. However, in mountain areas, as road condition is still not well, relief goods and tents are in high needs in those non-accessible areas.

On May 10th, the fifth medical team from Japan will be dispatched after considering local situation. Also, AMDA will be holding a press conference for both departing and arriving teams on May 10th when Dr.Suganami, the president of AMDA group, comes back from Nepal.
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