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Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 10

Publication date:2015-05-11
AMDA Multinational Medical Teams have been involved in relief activities led by AMDA Nepal. AMDA Bangladesh also dispatched their medical doctor to Nepal to participate in the mission. 

???Sindhupalchowk District???
AMDA Multinational Medical Teams have been working in Khadichaur of Sindhupalchowk District since end of April. On May 6th, a medical team of one doctor and three nurses from AMDA Damak hospital, replacing a previous AMDA Damak team, arrived in the activity site and joined in the medical mission along with one medical doctor from Japan. The team was able to see 22 patients, many of them suffering from problems such as external injuries, general physical problems etc. Some patients delayed to seek medical care for their injuries or physical problems because they thought they would heal on its own.
As steep mountains are surrounding this area, due to frequent aftershocks, landslides are often seen in this area. According to a local person, the flood in last summer led to a major landslide few kilometers upper stream of the river, which destroyed houses in lower stream of the river. Therefore, local people decided to block the stream of this river and thus villages located in upper stream of the river were submerged in water. The unstable land after the great earthquake could easily lead to another disaster if rain continues., which need to be closely monitored. Communication connection is still unstable, and not enough relief supplies have distributed to some affected areas. Some of patients visited AMDA mobile clinic told the staff, “We lost everything from the earthquake, and we are sleeping on the wet ground at night in cold. My whole body aches.” “My house is completely gone. I have no idea how to survive with 11 children from now on.” 
On May 6th, the fourth dispatched AMDA team from Japan has arrived in Nepal and moved to Sindhupalchowk on the next morning in order to participated in the on-going AMDA mobile clinic. 

AMDA Multinationial team has distributed relief goods package to 100 affected families in Majhi village. Each package contained 5kg rice, 1 pack (500g) of salt, 500g of lentils, 400g of rice flakes.
The team went to Majhi village located more than one-hour away from Kathmandu, by removing debris on mountain roads. Due to the difficulties in accessing the place, no relief aid reached there for one week. Approximately 600 people of 100 households are living there. The earthquake killed 10 people in the village and damaged 94 houses. Even though some houses are still standing they are not habitable. 

In Kamal Pohhari of Chmasing where AMDA team have been offering healthcare, about 80% of houses are damaged. Not enough food has been reached there. Additionally, as the temperature rises, more drinking water will be needed. Along with mobile clinic, AMDA team distributed cookies and water.

???Number of Dispatched Personnel(Excluding Nepal)
Country  Doctor Nurse Pharmacist   Coordinator  Total
Japan 5 4 1 2 12
Cambodia 1 1     2
India 1 1     2
Bangladesh 1       1
Total 8 6 1 2 17

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