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Report from AMDA Nepal 2nd Team (3 May 2015)

Publication date:2015-05-09
The Government of Nepal has confirmed 7,709 deaths and more than 15,911 injuries resulting from the quake. AMDA Nepal emergency response team has been on the ground since April 26 when the quake struck, assessing the damage, delivering critically needed medicines and supplies and mobilising to provide emergency care to survivors. AMDA International has already deployed additional volunteer from Japan, Bangladesh, Combodia, Canada, relief materials and resources as quickly as possible to support relief efforts and is operating Mobile Medical Team (MMT) in remote areas, including Swaurpani VDC in Gorkha district, very close to the center point of earthquake (Barpak). AMDA Nepal has set-up its outreach health clinic in Gorkha, Sindhupalchowk and Nuwakot. It is planned to extend it in Rasuwa district as well.  These outreach health clinic sites are near the damaged health center and has expanded to reach the hardest-hit communities, often hardly accessible by road.

Many health facilities are damaged or destroyed, and those that are functioning are running low on supplies including medicine for primary treatment, antibiotics and IV fluids. AMDA team is working against the clock to deliver lifesaving medicine, and other supplies to survivors of the earthquake. In addition, to preventing waterborne illnesses and other communicable diseases, we are providing health education and distributing water purifying solution, safe drinking water, ready to eat food. AMDA is also conducting mobile medical camp and providing medicine to the needy and affected people in Kathmandu camps, mainly the displaced persons.

AMDA has been responding every major natural disaster in Nepal. AMDA has been running own hospitals and primary health care projects. Total 50 staff, including specialist medical doctors, nurses and coordinators are working against the clock in the emergency medical relief team in addition to international volunteers. We know how to provide emergency medical care in those critical first hours and days after disaster hits. AMDA Nepal admire the very quick support received from AMDA headquarter based in Okayama, Japan.

AMDA Nepal second team was dispatched on 27 April 2015from its Siddhartha Children and Women Hospital, based in Butwal to Gorkha. 

Summary of Team Report

Day I - April 27
The first big earthquake was felt on 25th April at 11:56 PM. After receiving letter from the Director of SCWH Dr. Binod Parajuli, Our team consisting seven members left Butwal on 27th April by late evening. We could not reach Gorkha District on that day so we stopped on the way at Narayangadh.

Day 2 – April 28
Next day morning we reached Gorkha headquarter and coordinated with District Public Health Office (DPHO) and District Administrative Office (DAO), then we were allotted to serve Saurpani VDC of Gorkha district where 41 people died and several were injured. None of the health care team had reached there and the jolts of earthquakes were felt frequently.  Initially it was planned to send us via Helicopter to the destination but due to some unfavorable conditions it was cancelled.  We headed on our vehicle through muddy and slippery road but with hard struggle we could travel only up to Chanaute, the half distance from destination. Then we repack our medicines in separate sacks and each of us carried a sack full of medicines along with our own heavy bags. We could travel around 5 hours that day and reached the base of the Saurpani VDC.

Day 3 - 29th April
 Next day morning we started climbing the hills with the sacks full of medicines and in the midway started our first Camp at Jamuna tole.
  Place: Jamuna   
S.N Description Number
1 Diarrhea 11
2 Sprain 5
3 URTI 3
4 Anxiety 4
5 Cut Injury 4
6 Others 14
  Total Victims/Patient 41
Then after 2 hours we headed uphill and settled another camp at Archale. 
  Place: Archale    
S.N Description Number
1 Diarrhea 4
2 Sprain 2
3 URTI 5
4 Anxiety 8
5 Cut Injury 10
6 Others 11
  Total Victims/Patient 40
Again after 3 hours uphill walk we settled another camp at Ghunchwok. Details:
S.N Description Number
1 Diarrhea 16
3 URTI 12
4 Anxiety 13
5 Cut Injury 62
  Others 21
  Total Victims/Patient 124

Day 4 – April 30
Next day, early morning we started our camp at Pokhari Gaun 
S.N Description Number
1 Diarrhoea 13
2 Sprain 5
3 URTI 8
4 Anxiety 15
5 Cut Injury 18
  Others 11
  Total Victims/Patient 70
After Pokhari Gaun we headed towards Aldanda. It was a place where local Health post was destroyed and an army camp was settled. With the help of army personals our next camp was settled there.
S.N Description Number
1 Diarrhoea 19
2 Sprain 10
3 URTI 11
4 Anxiety 12
5 Cut Injury 70
6 Others 46
  Total Victims/Patient 168
Two case referred: Avulsion injury(Rt Hand) and Head injury

 Then we headed the top of the hill, Bhadari Gaun where all 52 houses were destroyed. Even in the night, using a dim solar light we ran another health camp in that place. People there were really helpful and supportive for overall management for our camp.
  Place: Bhandari Gaun    
S.N Description Number
1 Diarrhoea 12
2 URTI 18
3 Anxiety 11
4 Cut Injury 18
5 Others 30
  Total Victims/Patient 89
Remarks: One case of Pregnancy was referred 

Day 5 – May 1
Next morning, we started our next camp where people from nearby places took our services.
  Place: Bhandari Gau    
S.N Description Number
1 Diarrhoea 16
3 URTI 5
4 Anxiety 3
5 Cut Injury 14
6 Others 7
  Total Victims/Patient 45

Remarks : Intertrochanteric fracture was referred

 Then we descend down to the army camp and again managed a camp for the people waiting there for long time. 
  Place: Aal Danda    
S.N Description Number Remarks
1 Diarrhoea 7  
2 URTI 4  
3 Anxiety 2  
4 Cut Injury 3  
5 Others 4  
  Total Victims/Patient 20  
Overall 597 victims/Patients were treated at Saurpani VDC some of them were missing in record due to rush and emergency. Finally few amounts of medicines that were not used were handed over to the temporarily settled Health Post of Saurpani VDC. Then after a long walk we could find our vehicle on the way and could reach to headquarter lately at 8PM. There we met DPHO officials and submitted our report with some suggestions to the office. 

Day 6 – May 2

Next morning we left Gorkha and come back with tired face of all members but a great feeling of satisfaction in our heart.
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