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Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 8

Publication date:2015-05-04
On 3rd May, the joint medical team, consisting of staff dispatched by AMDA Headquarters in Japan and members of AMDA Nepal, moved from Sindhupalchok District, where they had been providing medical support, to the center of Dharmasthali in Kathmandu District.

In Dharmasthali, even large brick buildings had collapsed and the air was filled with dust. Inspecting the status of damage in the city, the team visited victims’ houses and performed medical examinations where necessary.
Even though the city is in Kathmandu District, no rescue team had yet arrived in over a week since the earthquake.

Therefore, AMDA was the first team to provide medical support activities in this area. People with minor injuries such as abrasions were already recovering, but an increasing number of patients were reporting diarrhea and other symptoms.




The death toll from the earthquake has reached 7,276, with the number of injured reaching 14,362. Over 200,000 buildings, including houses and government offices, have completely collapsed, and over 180,000 buildings are seriously damaged.
In Sindhupalchowk District, where AMDA had been working, the death toll is 2,829, which is the highest in the country, with 772 injured.
In Kathmandu District, where AMDA has just started activities, the number of injured is the highest, at 4,634, while the number of dead is 1,202. (Source: Nepalese Government on 4th May)

Fourth team to be dispatched from Japan

Considering the serious situation in Nepal, AMDA decided to dispatch a fourth team from Japan. The mission will leave Okayama on 5th May, flying from Kansai Airport and arriving in Kathmandu on the 6th morning.
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