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Emergency Relief Medical Mission for Earthquake Victims in Nepal form AMDA Hospital Damak

Publication date:2015-05-05
AMDA Hospital Damak has been providing emergency medical facility to earthquake victims in Nepal since 26th April 2015 though our extended clinic in our hospital premises.

As Damak was the least effected area by the earthquake, we had about 6 patients victim of earthquake. As the norm of AMDA family, we formed 11 members emergency relief (ER) team for the first phase of relief activities in collaboration with Damak municipality.

On 29th April, 11 members of ER team from AMDA hospital left for Sindhu Sadabahar Hospital at Khadichour, Sindhupalchowk in two vehicles. One of the vehicle was from AMDA hospital and other one was a private vehicle belongs to an AMDA doctor. Unfortunately, due to damage to the highway, the team was force to halt that night in one of the community hospitals.

On 30th April, the ER team left for Sindhupalchowk early in the morning, but due to bad road condition and long distance, it was almost late night when they reached there. Though the place was just 80 KM from Kathmandu, it was quite far and hard to reach from Damak. The windy and hilly road with landslide made it more difficult to travel. Upon arrival, the team joined the other team of 8 members from AMDA Nepal Central Office.

The next day, on May 1st, the team from AMDA Nepal Central Office went back to Kathmandu and handed over the mission to the team from Damak Hospital (Damak team). Since then, Damak team is trying their best to serve the victims of Earthquake despite the terror created by strong aftershocks.

Damak team was able to provide medical service to about 209 patients as of 3rd of May 2015. Among them, about 40 were orthopedic cases. The availability of X Ray facility in Shindu Sadabahar Hospital played very important role for Damak team to treat the orthopedic cases easily.

Apart from the medical relief activity, Damak team also distributed dry food like flatten rice, biscuits, bhujiya and water to earthquake victims which provided from AMDA Nepal, Damak Munucipality and AMDA HQ in Japan.

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