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Emergency Relief Activity: Tropical Cyclone Pam 3

Publication date:2015-03-31
 AMDA team of one nurse and a coordinator prepared medical relief goods in Fiji. AMDA coordinator arrived in Tuvalu on 24th March and had a meeting with AMDA’s local counterpart in Tuvalu.

 According to our contact in Tuvalu, except Funafuti all other parts and islands of Tuvalu were severely affected and especially, there were severe damaged in Nui, Nukufetau and Vaitupu. Most of the crops and livestock were damaged in those areas and further, there is a shortage of much needed fuel in Nui. In the affected areas there are some cases of diarrhea and minor skin infections among children.

 From this situation, AMDA coordinator met National Disaster Committee officer in Tuvalu and discussed about the best way possible to support the affected people in Tuvalu‘s outer islands.
 On March 30th, AMDA handed over medical relief goods to the ministry of health and donated some fund to the National Disaster Committee (NDC) of Tuvalu who is scheduling further assistance to the people in the affected area. The director of NDC appreciated AMDA’s support and said “it was a great help for us, all the way from Japan”. Tuvalu Media Department broadcasted AMDA coordinator’s interview.

 On the other hand, AMDA nurse, who was in Fiji, looked into the possibility of emergency relief for Kiribati. Due to the logistics difficulties and lack of contact on the ground AMDA was unable to send a team to Kiribati. Instead, AMDA shifted it is focus to make a good relationship in the Pacific region through local counterparts based in Fiji for the future emergency relief collaboration during possible severe storm surges caused by sea-level rising in the Pacific.
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