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AMDA-Rose Lanka Microcredit Program in Sri Lanka

Publication date:2015-03-31

In May 2014, AMDA started collaborating with Rose Lanka towards their Microcredit program of in Sri Lanka. AMDA's fund pooled together with Rose Lanka's general fund was invested in a microcredit program for the parents of students from poor family in the Lunugala Hopton village, one of the hill side tea plantations in Sri Lanka. 

The loan was provided for parents of students from a local school and the loan would benefit the family of students whose parents work at the local tea estate for lower wage. The principal of the local school, Hopton Vigneswara School expressed his sincere thanks to the program due to which the living conditions could hopefully improved.

The loan was provided to the mothers of students for the purpose of income generation. The loans were used for the purpose of small grocery stores and growing goats for meat. Initially, under this program there were 47 applications received and we were able to provide 17 members with loan. There are 30 other members waiting for the loan.





    •  Micro Credit (Comprehensive Livelihood Support)
    •  Sri Lanka
    •  2015
    •  Mid-Long Term Project