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Progress Report on Home Health Education Program in Pakistan

Publication date:2015-03-26
Having found the high need for health-related project through surveys, Chigasaki-Chuo Rotary Club(CCRC) and AMDA decided to launch “Home Health Education Program in Pakistan”, in consultation with a local partner, National Rural Support Programme (NRSP). It is an education program to disseminate health information among premarital women to their families and neighbors.
Since the inauguration ceremony and symposium on July 3rd, 2014, AMDA and Chigasaki-Chuo Rotary Club (CCRC) has been working with a local partner, NRSP, to prepare for health education classes to premarital women. First, NRSP conducted a baseline survey, which showed the lack of health-related knowledge among the targeted population in Thatta district of Sindh Province, Pakistan. Based on the outcome from survey, NRSP composed textbook both for lecturers and premarital female students considering local situations such as low literacy rate. Also, lecturers are selected and educated about health related topics.

During the visit to Pakistan in February, AMDA and NRSP were able to share updated information about the progress and to adjust the program according to different situations. In reality, due to lack of premarital female students registered for the program, it was decided to expand the target area. Also, some communities in the target area are not allowing premarital female students to take classes outside their communities. In those cases, a local project staff would go back to those communities after completing program for one year and show the community the positive impact of the program to persuade them for their premarital women’s participation in the program.
In March, the health education classes to premarital women have been initiated. CCRC, AMDA and NRSP will continuously work together towards the goal to improve health in the community.

Please click the below link for the timeline of the program.
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