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Reconstruction of Leyte Medical Society Building/Emergency Relief Station Tacloban, Philippines

Publication date:2015-03-26
On November 8th, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan hit and caused massive damage to most parts of the Philippines. 6,300 deaths and 28,689 injured were recorded, and approximately 16 million people were affected by the typhoon. Since the initial emergency stage, until now, AMDA has been supporting and continue to work with the affected people in the Philippines.
In Tacloban city, one of the most affected areas, Leyte Medical Society (LMS) has been playing an important role for community health in the area. However, the LMS building where it used to plan events and hold their monthly meetings has been badly damaged. After hearing the news of LMS, AMDA had a meeting with the then president of LMS regarding the scale of damage and the importance of reconstructing their building. Based on the information provided, AMDA has decided to support the reconstruction of Leyte Medical Society building with the support from Japan Medical Association and Fukuyama Medical Association. Also, the building has been decided to be two-story in order to be utilized as an emergency relief station in case of any future disasters in the Philippines.

 After about 4 months since the foundation ceremony held in November 2014, LMS along with their affiliates were able to celebrate the completion of reconstruction and the opening ceremony with the congratulatory messages from Japan Medical Association and Fukuyama Medical Association. LMS members sincerely expressed their appreciations to their affiliates and supporters.
After the opening ceremony, an event for pregnant women called “BUNTIS DAY” was held in a new building on March 10th, 2015. During the event, free consultations and vitamin tablets were offered to pregnant women. Also, LMS members held a class on prenatal care and danger signs and symptoms during pregnancy. LMS is determined to utilize their new building to hold events for the purpose of promoting community health.
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