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Emergency Relief Activity: Tropical Cyclone Pam 1

Publication date:2015-03-20
Emergency Relief Activity on Tropical Cyclone, Pam, in Pacific Islands.

Tropical Cyclone, Pam, has hit Pacific Islands since 11th of March 2015. As of 16 of March 2015, death toll is 11 people reported by National Disaster Management Office of the Republic of Vanuatu. 37 evacuation centers has been set and 3300 affected people were evacuated, according to UNOCHA. Number of affected people in Vanuatu is estimated to be about 130,000, approximately half of the population in Vanuatu. Surrounding countries such as Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, were also affected although information on affected area is limited.
AMDA is gathering information through local NGO, based in Samoa, which has been supporting women’s incubation for 25 years. They have sister organizations in the affected countries including Vanuatu, Tuvalu and Kiribati. According to them, medical staffs in the hospital located in Port Villa, Capital of Vanuatu, are seemed to be exhausted and facing a problem of shortage in medicines. AMDA continues to gather information on the affected countries.
In response to the disaster, AMDA decided to dispatch a nurse and a coordinator to operate an emergency relief activity. They will first arrive in Fiji via Sydney, Australia on 20th of March, where the flights to most of the affected countries are available. The team will assess more information on affected countries once they arrive in Fiji and plan the activity.

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