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Delivery of rice harvested from AMDA Food Program

Publication date:2015-01-09


In December 2014, AMDA staff together with representatives of Shinjo Village Council made a courtesy visit to the diplomatic offices in Japan to hand over rice harvested from AMDA Food Program (AFP) and rice product from Shinjo Village. This was the third time to make the courtesy visit to the diplomatic offices in Japan. In 2014, we visited 13 Embassies and Consulate Generals of 11 countries and areas in Japan. During the meeting with the officials, AMDA staff explained about the activities and outputs of AFP. In addition, this was a good opportunity to make a face-to-face discussion on our humanitarian relief activities in each country and area.

With the concept of "Food is the source of life", AFP started three years ago to increase quality and quantity of agricultural production by promoting organic farming. In 2013 and 2014 AMDA conducted a 6-month training program on organic farming in Shinjo Village to trainees from Southeast Asian countries. AMDA invited two trainees from Indonesia in 2013 and two from the Philippines in 2014. After the trainees went home, they are working hard for the development of organic farming in their respective countries.


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