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30th Anniversary Ceremony of AMDA

Publication date:2014-12-17

AMDA celebrated its 30th anniversary in November 2014 with more than 450 distinguished guests and supporters from 26 countries around the world.


The ceremony was organized by 6 local dignitaries including the President of Ohara Museum of Art, Chief Patriarch of Kurozumikyo Shinto, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Shujitsu School Corporation, Chairman of Okayama Conference of Economic Organizations, Honorable Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asahigawasou, and Chairman of Okayama Prefectural Medical Association. The organizers made opening remarks at the beginning of the ceremony, followed by congratulatory speeches by 4 guests of honor; Special Advisor to the President of Republic of Djibouti, Vice-Governor of Okayama Prefecture, Mayor of Okayama City, and the Executive Director of Japan Medical Association.

Among important guests, there were representatives from embassies and consulate generals, officials from different levels of government administration, chairpersons of AMDA International chapters and delegates from our collaborating organizations from abroad.


As an acknowledgement for the cerebration, Dr. Shigeru Suganami, President of AMDA Group expressed his sincere gratitude toward longtime supporters of AMDA. During his speech, he introduced a new vision; "GPSP: Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace" which consists of four pillars of activities; Peace Building, Livelihood Support, Education and Health.

After the presentation of humanitarian relief activities by various partners/donors, all the participants enjoyed dancing by joining hands in a large circle. The ceremony was concluded with closing remarks from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Shujitsu School Corporation.

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