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AMDA Haiti’s effort to support IDPs

Publication date:2024-02-22

Between 19 and 22 October 2023, AMDA Haiti provided humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince. 


Due to escalating gang violence (including murder and arson) triggered by the nation’s recent political and economic instability, many residents have been fleeing their homes to take refuge in evacuation camps set up in the capital. The Haiti chapter has supported the evacuees by organizing medical relief and donating necessities such as medical supplies and drinking water.


During the four-day mission, AMDA Haiti sent medical workers to four locations. As a result, a total of 549 people (438 adults and 111 children) benefitted from its medical services. Ailments such as fever, diarrhea, colds, asthma, and headaches were commonly seen among patients. Hypertension was also prevalent.


The relief mission was carried out with the cooperation of campsite operators, the Haitian health ministry, and the interior ministry, each fulfilling its respective role. While the campsite operators provided a consultation room, chairs, and desks necessary for conducting medical activities, the health ministry sent volunteers to screen evacuees with health problems. The interior ministry secured safety during the relief activities.


Expressing their gratitude for AMDA Haiti’s assistance, the evacuees hoped that the organization would sustain the medical activities for an extended period of time. The staffers at the campsites mentioned that no other aid organization had provided medicine except for AMDA Haiti, and praised that the work was outstandingly effective.

 (Click here for a letter of appreciation addressed to AMDA donors from Dr. Mac Keven Frederic, Chapter Chairperson of AMDA Haiti.)

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