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AMDA Emergency Relief #14: The Noto Peninsula Earthquake, Japan

Publication date:2024-02-05
As of 3 February, a total of 387 people have been taking refuge at Wajima Junior High School, the biggest evacuation center in quake-hit Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, where AMDA’s relief team has been carrying out medical relief. 

The school used to house approximately 800 people during the peak period. AMDA has sent 45 relief workers to the school thus far, and took care of well over 600 patients in total. 

On the afternoon of 1 February, both the evacuees and aid workers gathered under the cold skies to hold a moment of silence to mourn for the victims as it had been precisely one month since the earthquake occurred. 

Now that a month has passed, the number of outpatients at AMDA’s medical post has dropped to around 10 people per day due to the resumption of local medical facilities. Likewise, a bus service to connect the evacuation center and Wajima Hospital will be launched on 5 February. 
From now on, AMDA will be shifting its focus of activities on things outside the evacuation center, as Wajima’s health authorities will be taking over the work at the shelter on behalf of aid organizations. At the same time, it is expected that residents will gradually start visiting local clinics again just as they normally did.

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