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AMDA Emergency Relief #12: The Noto Peninsula Earthquake, Japan

Publication date:2024-01-25
On 23 January, AMDA’s eighth relief team joined the advance team at Wajima Junior High School, an evacuation shelter in quake-hit Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture. 

An additional medical team from Suwa Central Hospital (AMDA’s disaster-relief partner) also joined forces with the AMDA team on the same day.

Now that three weeks have passed since the earthquake struck, the number of evacuees has dropped to 456 people in total at the shelter, which is 100 less than that of the peak period. Although infectious diseases have been relatively contained, the increase in the number of hypertension cases has been feared due to the prolonged evacuation life. By setting up a medical post, AMDA is continuing what it can to support those in need of health-related assistance.

Meanwhile, an occupational therapist from Suwa Central Hospital organized a stretching-exercise session to prevent the evacuees from getting frail, especially for those in the higher age bracket. It was held in addition to the daily physical exercises that were held twice a day. The session was aimed at preventing the decline in their cognitive abilities and physical strength, while enhancing their blood circulation. A total of 30 people took part in the session that day.

AMDA has dispatched 35 aid workers in total since the relief work began on 2 January.

As of 24 January, three doctors, three nurses, one nurse/coordinator, and three coordinators have been working at the site. 
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