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AMDA Emergency Relief #6: The Noto Peninsula Earthquake, Japan

Publication date:2024-01-11
Since 2 January, AMDA has been carrying out relief work in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, on Japan’s western coast that was heavily devastated by the magnitude 7.6 earthquake. 

On 8 January, AMDA’s second relief team (one doctor and one nurse) started working at Wajima Junior High School, a local evacuation shelter that has currently been AMDA’s main activity site. 

Upon arrival, the team diagnosed 63 evacuees as part of their medical relief. As the work continued the next day, cases such as diarrhea and vomiting, as well as COVID-19 infections were taken care of by the team. The AMDA nurse made it a point to keep the shelter clean, especially the makeshift toilets that could cause hygienic problems.

On 9 January, AMDA’s third relief team (one doctor, one nurse, and one pharmacist) arrived at the school to join the advance team.

As of 10 January, a total of 488 people have been evacuated at Wajima Junior High School. In addition to the school building, people have been taking shelter in the school arena and all-weather playground, as well as in their own cars. 

Of those who have been complaining of bad health, cases such as acute gastroenteritis, diarrhea, and vomiting have been identified. Using the school's internal audio announcement system, the AMDA team asked the evacuees to ventilate the building every two hours to minimize the risk of surging novel coronavirus and flu infections. 

Other than noted, preparations are also underway for providing additional emergency supplies to the shelter. They include water (for domestic use), disinfectant sprays, and solidifying agents for toilets, all of which have been in short supply.

Meanwhile, AMDA’s fourth relief team (one doctor and one coordinator) arrived in the city of Takaoka in adjacent Toyama Prefecture (where AMDA personnel have been staying) later that day. 100 packs of intravenous liquids (donated by Okayama City Hospital) and other relief goods also arrived with the team. They have already relocated themselves to Wajima for the upcoming relief work.
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