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AMDA Emergency Relief #3: The Noto Peninsula Earthquake, Japan

Publication date:2024-01-06
AMDA has been carrying out relief work in response to the magnitude 7.6 earthquake that struck Japan’s Noto peninsula on the western coast on 1 January. AMDA’s first relief team was dispatched to quake-hit Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, on 2 January.

The Ishikawa Prefectural Government reported 84 people were killed, and a total of 336 people were either missing or injured (as of 4 January).

At around 21:00 on 4 January, the AMDA team was joined by one doctor, one nurse, and one coordinator from Suwa Central Hospital in Nagano Prefecture. They held a briefing session at Wajima Hospital on the affected peninsula for further relief work.

On 5 January, at the meeting organized by the local disaster-response coordination headquarters at the Wajima City Office, it was decided that AMDA would conduct needs assessment and mobile clinic activities at evacuation centers.

As of now, the medical personnel from Suwa Central Hospital have been surveying the condition of local shelters, while AMDA's aid workers have been stationed at the city office for coordination work.

AMDA will also be sending the second relief team (one doctor and one nurse) on 6 January.
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