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  • AMDA Haiti visits Francois Orphanage

    Publication date:2020-06-30
    By Dr. Mac Keven Frederic (Chairperson, AMDA Haiti)
    On 12th June 2020, a group of personnel from AMDA Haiti paid a visit to Francois Orphanage (Centre d’ Accueil Decilia Francois) in the suburb of Port-au-Prince for food donation and children’s health examination. AMDA Haiti has been working with World Child House Project to support three orphanages in Haiti through a range of livelihood assistance. The latter organization is led by an AMDA-registered disaster-relief coordinator, who is aspired to extend a helping hand to the less-privileged based on her relations with the nation in the last decade.

    In the midst of Haiti’s political and economic stalemate, all three orphanages have been faced with difficulty supplying enough food.

    • Activity Report: AMDA Food Program in Malino, Indonesia

      Publication date:2019-05-15
      By Ahrani Akbar Fachri (AMDA Indonesia)

      Footprints of the pigs

      From 26 January to 25 February 2019, AMDA Indonesia staff Ahrani Akbar Fachri visited AMDA’s organic farm in South Sulawesi, Indonesia to conduct periodical monitoring.

      As a result of recent landslides and overflowing rivers that surround the rice fields, many farmers had their fields damaged. They began to restore the fields buried in mud. According to Mr. Jamal, a local farmer, he said, "The fields near the river were badly damaged, so we need to replant the crops." Besides being buried, the rice fields were attacked by wild pigs.

      • AMDA Peace Clinic completes Six Successful Years

        Publication date:2015-12-07

        On 20 November 2015, the ceremony to celebrate the 6th anniversary of AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya in Bihar State, India, was held at Isshin-ji Temple. APC has been running along side with Isshinji Temple since its inauguration in 2009 under the trust “SaijoInarisan Boddai Isshiji Trust”.

        In August 2014, the APC started with new service of Maternal and Child Care. In total there are 72 registered

        • AMDA-Rose Lanka Microcredit Program in Sri Lanka

          Publication date:2015-03-31

          In May 2014, AMDA started collaborating with Rose Lanka towards their Microcredit program of in Sri Lanka. AMDA's fund pooled together with Rose Lanka's general fund was invested in a microcredit program for the parents of students from poor family in the Lunugala Hopton village, one of the hill side tea plantations in Sri Lanka. 

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