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  • COVID-19 Outbreak: AMDA Peace Clinic Food Donation in Bodhgaya, India 14

    Publication date:2022-03-01
    By Dr. Archana Shrestha Joshi, AMDA Headquarters

    Between the months of October and December 2021, AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya, India, continued to provide food aid to its registered women patients and their families. Focusing on maternal and infant healthcare services, APC has been supporting pregnant women in the locality who are faced with financial difficulties.

    • COVID-19 Outbreak #3: AMDA HQ to dispatch med personnel to Okinawa, Japan

      Publication date:2022-02-01
      On 22 January, the nurse dispatched from AMDA Headquarters completed her work in Okinawa whose healthcare system had been severely affected due to the COVID-19 resurgence. Since the 17th, the nurse had worked at several local facilities in the southern island prefecture.
      Under the guidance of the local authorities, the nurse visited COVID-affected facilities where she mainly engaged herself in tasks related to infection prevention and control. The work was conducted in cooperation with local health offices and

      • COVID-19 Outbreak #2: AMDA HQ to dispatch med personnel to Okinawa, Japan

        Publication date:2022-01-25
        Since 17 January, the nurse dispatched to Okinawa (Japan) from AMDA Headquarters has been working at several local facilities affected by cluster infections. Under the guidance of Okinawa Prefectural Government, the nurse has been engaged in zoning procedures within the facility buildings, while instructing staff members on precautionary measures against COVID-19.

        As for the former, the zoning includes specifying the so-called red zones and quarantine quarters for close contacts, as well

        • COVID-19 Outbreak #1: AMDA HQ to dispatch med personnel to Okinawa, Japan

          Publication date:2022-01-19
          On 17 January 2022, AMDA Headquarters dispatched one nurse to Okinawa, a southern island prefecture in Japan, to respond to the worsening coronavirus situation. The nurse is expected to work at a local facility under the guidance of Okinawa Prefectural Government.

          COVID-19 cases have resurged in the prefecture since late last year in which several cluster infections have been reported. After receiving a request from the prefectural government, AMDA started calling for candidate personnel to

          • AMDA India Chairperson to join free Ayurveda services

            Publication date:2021-12-21
            Tomoko Iwao, AMDA Headquarters

            Dr. Sethukumar Kamath (middle)

            Following a preceding effort in October, AMDA India Chairperson and Ayurveda specialist Dr. Sethukumar Kamath participated in the successive medical assistance program organized by Shrimad Bhuvanendra Thirtha Swami Charitable Trust in the southern part of India.

            The charity organization has been offering free medical services every month at different locations upon request. In addition to ordinary consultations, the program provides blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar testing, health-checkup (measuring height, weight and BMI) as well as

            • An elderly care home run by former AMDA Peace Clinic staff in Bodhgaya, India

              Publication date:2021-12-01
              Tomoko Iwao, AMDA Headquarters

              Ms.Vedha with one of her clients

              Ms. Vedha, a former staff of *AMDA Peace Clinic in Bodhgaya, India, has been running an elderly care home at the Shripur village located in the outskirts of the city. Up until now, AMDA has continuously assisted the facility by constructing a bored well or donating foodstuffs.

              Whenever she receives a call from the police, hospitals or villagers about an elderly person who has no one to turn to, she hurries to the place in an auto-rickshaw to save the individual. Currently, the nursing home houses about 15 people who are either old or disabled without families.

              • AMDA India Chairperson to join a free medical program

                Publication date:2021-11-25
                Tomoko Iwao (AMDA Headquarters)

                Dr. Kamath (right) with AMDA President Dr. Suganami

                On 31 October, AMDA India Chairperson and Ayurveda specialist Dr. Sethukumar Kamath took part in a free medical program in Kochi, Kerala, in the southern part of India.

                Organized by Shrimad Bhuvanendra Thirtha Swami Charitable Trust, the monthly program is targeting impoverished communities in southern India in which it provides medical services for free. Having been held in many locations throughout the region, it has seen more than 6,000 patients up until now. The activities marked its 40th event this month.

                • COVID-19 Outbreak: AMDA Peace Clinic Food Donation in Bodhgaya, India 13

                  Publication date:2021-11-19
                  Tomoko Iwao (AMDA Headquarters)

                  A pregnant woman receiving food items

                  The number of unemployment in Bihar, India, has been increasing ever since the COVID-19 infection began spreading. For more than one year, people have been finding it difficult to obtain food items, especially for those who do not own their own farmlands.

                  “It is indeed fantastic that AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) has been able to continue providing food aid despite the pandemic. However, we should not overlook the fact that there are more pregnant women and nursing mothers with low hemoglobin levels and malnutrition compared to pre-COVID days. This has put childbirth at risk, and I see more babies are born

                  • A campaign to support informal workers in the Philippines

                    Publication date:2021-10-27
                    On September 13, AMDA Philippines, in collaboration with the Philippine College of Occupational Medicine (PCOM) Makati Chapter, conducted a campaign entitled "Be the PCOM Hero" to show appreciation for informal workers who are key service providers involved in every facet of city life despite the COVID-19 outbreak. In this drive, the so-called "self-protection kits" and leaflets were distributed to informal workers passing through Makati City in Metro Manila.

                    What prompted this campaign is the health risks and economic conditions faced by informal workers and their families due to the novel coronavirus. Many of them work and live in crowded places with poor sanitation and no access to

                    • AMDA Peace Clinic: Resumed services partially since July 2021

                      Publication date:2021-10-15

                      A girl who came to collect food items
                      for her mother

                      As COVID-19 had resurged in India since the beginning of April, AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya in the state of Bihar was forced to close temporarily from late April to early July. Accordingly, APC suspended its food distribution which required face-to-face interaction.

                      On the other hand, APC did what it could to continue offering maternal health care services to pregnant women in the locality. Instead of its regular in-person consultations, APC’s local staff responded to their inquiries by phone, and recommended them to seek treatment at nearby clinics as needed.

                      • COVID-19 Outbreak: AMDA Peace Clinic Food Donation in Bodhgaya, India 12

                        Publication date:2021-10-14

                        A pregnant woman receiving the food items

                        On August 10, AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya, India, distributed a set of food items to pregnant women and their families that are registered with the clinic. The food distribution drive, which used to be held once a month, was resumed in July after the state-wide lockdown was lifted. This time, APC provided potatoes, dal beans, chickpeas, salt, and cooking oil, all of which are essential for Indian home cooking. Additionally, 5 kilos of wheat was given to households that are not entitled to the government support.

                        "My wife gave birth to a baby boy by C-section a month ago. The C-section cost us 45,000 rupees (approximately 600

                        • School Health Program in Rwanda

                          Publication date:2021-05-13
                          By Twahirwa Nathalie, RN
                          School nurse, NPO Think About Education in Rwanda (NPO TER)

                          The body temperature screening in the morning

                          Activities of our school health program from April 2020 to March 2021 were held mainly at Umuco Mwiza School located in Kigali City. But we have also been monitoring health conditions of children in the Miyove village, located in Miyove, Gicumbi District, in the Northern Province of Rwanda.

                          Project period:

                          From April 2020 to March 2021

                          Staff names:

                          1.Dr. Akintije Simba Calliope, MBChB, PhD
                          Doctor/Country Director, NPO TER

                          • AMDA Peace Clinic: Voices of the Mothers-to-be

                            Publication date:2021-04-22
                            Tomoko Iwao (AMDA Headquarters)

                            APC’s affiliated doctor at the consultation

                            AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) has been offering health and medical services to women in the prenatal and postpartum periods that are residing in the impoverished neighbourhoods of Bodhgaya, India. Twice every month, about 30 women visit the clinic for the regular check-ups. Not only do they seek advice on concerns over pregnancy, the staff accompany them to bigger medical facilities as required. Find out what they have to say about APC and also hear from one of the staff who has been taking care of these women on a daily basis.


                            • COVID-19 Outbreak: AMDA Peace Clinic Food Donation in Bodhgaya, India 11

                              Publication date:2021-04-01
                              Tomoko Iwao (AMDA Headquarters)

                              A pregnant woman receiving the food items

                              Ever since the nationwide lockdown was lifted last June in India, AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya has been providing food aid to the families of pregnant women who are registered at the clinic. While there are still a number of households that have been struggling to make ends meet, their overall livelihood has been picking up in recent months. In light of such circumstances, APC has reduced the number of food distribution activities, which used to be held biweekly, to once a month since this February.

                              On 16 March, the clinic distributed food items prior to the annual Holi festival which is known to be one of India’s biggest festivities. The aid was provided to 48 women,

                              • COVID-19 Outbreak: AMDA Peace Clinic Food Donation in Bodhgaya, India 10

                                Publication date:2021-03-10
                                Tomoko Iwao (AMDA Headquarters) A pregnant woman receiving food aidWhile it has been one year since the coronavirus pandemic has broken out, the number of infected cases in India has topped 11 mi

                                • AMDA Peace Clinic to Continue Providing Maternal Care

                                  Publication date:2021-03-02
                                  Tomoko Iwao (AMDA Headquarters)

                                  At the monthly check-up

                                  While COVID-19 still continues to wreak havoc on people’s lives, AMDA Peace Clinic in Bodhgaya, Bihar in India's eastern part has not ceased to provide maternal care to women in the locality. Although some of its services have been temporarily stopped, monthly prenatal check-ups have been continued thanks to local doctors’ assistance.

                                  At the clinic, a range of precautionary measures against the novel coronavirus have been put in place. For instance, women are divided into small groups and are asked to make a visit at a different time so as to avoid congestion.

                                  • COVID-19 Outbreak: AMDA Peace Clinic Food Donation in Bodhgaya, India 9

                                    Publication date:2020-11-12

                                    A woman who came to collect the foodstuffs

                                    As the COVID-19 crisis continues to take a toll on the lives of India’s impoverished communities, AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya in the state of Bihar has been carrying out a food distribution drive since June for the families of pregnant women that are registered at the clinic.

                                    Because India has been celebrating a month-long festival season, the weekly food distribution (which is held every Tuesday) on 27 October was put off due to holidays following Dussehra, one of the three major Hindu festivals. During this period, APC’s pregnant women and their families, too, visit their relatives to appreciate the festivity. The time also

                                    • COVID-19 Outbreak: AMDA Peace Clinic Food Donation in Bodhgaya, India 8

                                      Publication date:2020-10-28

                                      Pregnant Women Receiving Food Aid

                                      Having been through two lockdowns since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, AMDA Peace Clinic in Bodhgaya, India, has yet to cease its services to patients, particularly of those who are the target beneficiaries of its maternal and infant health programs which were launched in 2014. The clinic, often abbreviated to APC, has currently been run by three staff.

                                      APC recently conducted interviews with its patients to grasp how the lives of women during and after pregnancy have changed in the last five months ever since the clinic started a series of food donation drive.

                                      • Bore-well Construction in Bodhgaya, India (3)

                                        Publication date:2019-05-08
                                        By Tomoko Iwao, AMDA Headquarters

                                        Ecoles de la Terre Welfare Society

                                        Mr. Rajesh Kumar who heads Ecoles de la Terre Welfare Society Secretary sent us a message in regards to the recent bore well project in Danpur, Bodhgaya.

                                        • Bore-well Construction in Bodhgaya, India (2)

                                          Publication date:2019-04-23
                                          By Tomoko Iwao, AMDA Headquarters

                                          Women at the village doing the laundry


                                          For many years, AMDA has provided services pertaining to maternal and infant health at Danpur, a village located six kilometers from the central Bodhgaya in Bihar. This time, a bore-well construction project was launched in this very village. (Danpur is the closest village from the place where AMDA’s affiliated organization, Japan India Friendship Medical Trust, is currently trying to set up its hub.)

                                          In November 2018, based on an inquiry from the villagers who were having trouble drawing water from its village pump, AMDA decided to jointly construct a new bore well with Mr. Rajesh (who heads Ecoles de la Terre Welfare Society, an India-based charitable society that runs

                                          • Bore-well Construction in Bodhgaya, India (1)

                                            Publication date:2019-04-08
                                            By Tomoko Iwao, AMDA Headquarters

                                            Children at the village of Danpur

                                            A maternal and infant health project has been one of the consistent efforts AMDA has carried out in Bodhgaya, Bihar which is known to be the poorest state in India. While numerous villages are in its vicinity, local residents are faced with a dire economic situation. The villagers have been hit hard by a high unemployment rate, and there are only limited job opportunities available that are predominantly daily labour work. All of this has taken a toll on them, making their life chronically unstable.  

                                            Danpur, a village located six kilometres from the central Bodhgaya, is one such example. In the dry season, the villagers need to draw water from the well in the adjacent village since their local water source constantly gets dried up.

                                            • Taking Part in Rwanda Health Checkup Project

                                              Publication date:2019-02-14
                                              By Dr. Shoma Koga (Naze Tokushukai Hospital)

                                              There are a few unforgettable sceneries one would come across in travels: a landscape that jumps into one’s view as soon as one gets warped to an unfamiliar land; dawning skies that come as an extra reward for an early bird; a world heritage site that is far beyond one’s poor imagination. Flying over Lake Victoria, it was one such view that struck me at the very first moment when our plane entered Rwanda.

                                              Rwanda is often cited as “a country of a thousand hills”. For those who remember Hôtel des Mille Collines from a 2004 movie “Hotel Rwanda”, “mille collines” precisely means a thousand hills. Just as what the name embodies, the landscape changes dramatically from fields to countless hills beyond

                                              • My Personal Take on Rwanda: 2018 School Health Checkup Program in Rwanda

                                                Publication date:2019-01-22
                                                *This article is a report from Dr. Kenji Urayama who participated in "2018 School Health Checkup Program in Rwanda" which was held in September 2018.By Dr. Kenji Urayama(Pediatrici

                                                • My Impressions: 2018 School Health Checkup Program in Rwanda

                                                  Publication date:2019-01-16
                                                  By Takashi Yorifuji, MD, PhD
                                                  (Associate Professor, Okayama University)


                                                  From 14th - 24th September 2018, I had the honor of visiting the Republic of Rwanda to take part in a program pertaining to pediatric health, which overlaps with my own research field. And although it wasn’t my first time to be part of it, my impressions for this year’s program were quite different from previous years’.

                                                  This year’s topic covered war-induced post traumatic disorders along with our visit to the Genocide Museum. Because of this, I became more aware of what this country had gone through. It is fully understandable that some of

                                                  • 2018 School Health Checkup Program in Rwanda

                                                    Publication date:2018-12-11
                                                    By Chiaki Hashimoto (AMDA Project Officer)

                                                    After more than two decades from the civil strife and genocide in 1994, AMDA resumed its activities in Rwanda in 2015 by engaging itself in the fields of medical manpower building and school health assistance.

                                                    Following last year’s effort, in September 2018 we returned to Rwanda once again to conduct a school health checkup as part of Okayama Prefectural Government’s International Contribution Project for Local-to-Local Technical Transfer.

                                                    • Sharing Workshop: Assistance for the physically impaired people in Nepal

                                                      Publication date:2018-11-22
                                                      By Nozomu Nishijima (AMDA Physiotherapist, Nepal)Assistance for the victims of 2015 earthquake in Nepal, especially with a focus on supporting disabled people and their families, has entered its fourt

                                                      • The 90th Anniversary of Mongolian Eye Care Service

                                                        Publication date:2018-11-03
                                                        By Tae Namba (AMDA Headquarters)On 04 October 2018, Prof. Hiroko Takasaki of Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare (Japan) and I had the honor of being invited to the 90th Anniversary Reception of Mo

                                                        • GUNZE, Japanese underwear manufacturer, donates products to expectant mothers in India

                                                          Publication date:2018-06-01

                                                          AMDA staff handing over GUNZE underwear

                                                          As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Japanese garment manufacturer Gunze has been donating its quality underwear to expectant mothers in impoverished communities of Bodhgaya in the state of Bihar, India since November 2017.

                                                          As of 31st March 2018, 115 pairs of underwear have been provided to 57 women that are registered at AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya. The undergarments are prepared in various sizes taking account of women in different pregnancy stages.

                                                          • Health Education and Nutrition Program in Bihar, India

                                                            Publication date:2018-06-01

                                                            Perinatal Workshop

                                                            On 13 February 2018, 17 pregnant women attended a perinatal workshop at the AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya, India. The workshop is held once a week for mothers-to-be and mothers who are registered at the clinic. After every workshop, nutritional meals are prepared using affordable, locally-sourced ingredients for their dietary education. While allowing them to enjoy the food, they can learn the recipes to try them at home.

                                                            The theme for the workshop this time was breastfeeding. A medical staff at APC explained the importance of it and why

                                                            • The First Twin Girls Born with the Support from AMDA Peace Clinic in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India

                                                              Publication date:2018-02-26

                                                              The Mother with her Twin Baby Girls

                                                              The first twin AMDA baby girls were born on December 28th, 2017 since AMDA Peace Clinic (APC)* started to offer the medical service and advice for the pregnant and postpartum women in 2014.

                                                              When the mother visited our clinic for the first time in June, 2017 after being introduced by her neighbor, she was feeling nauseas, dizziness and weakness in addition to fever. Not only this time, but also she felt weak and sick at times due to malnourishment during her course of pregnancy. APC local nurse continued to visit her house for monitoring and gave her advice accordingly in addition to

                                                              • AMDA Activities in Rwanda 2017

                                                                Publication date:2018-01-31
                                                                Okayama Prefectural Government’s International Contribution Project for Local-to-Local Technical Transfer in RwandaAs part of Okayama Prefectural Government’s International Contribution Pr

                                                                • AMDA Projects in Suripur, India

                                                                  Publication date:2017-10-18
                                                                  AMDA Peace Clinic in Bodhgaya (APC) has been providing various community health/social development services to the people of Bodhgaya in the state of Bihar since its launch in 2009. Since November 2016, AMDA has launched a primary healthcare initiative which is aimed at engaging local residents to improve their knowledge on health and promote their wellbeing despite living in destitute communities. 

                                                                  The projects in Suripur village (located in the vicinity) have been supported by Ms. Veda, a former APC staff who currently runs an elderly nursing home. AMDA has also helped provide meals to the elderly people staying at her facility. 

                                                                  • Activities at AMDA Peace Clinic, Bodhgaya, India

                                                                    Publication date:2017-09-20
                                                                    Since 2009, AMDA Peace Clinic in Bodhgaya (APC) has been providing various community health services and social development assistance to the people in Bodhgaya in the state of Bihar, India.APC had in

                                                                    • AMDA Bore Well Construction Project in Suripur, India

                                                                      Publication date:2017-08-18
                                                                      Since its launch in 2009, AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya, India has fulfilled the health-related needs in the State of Bihar which is known to be one of the most impoverished regions in the count

                                                                      • Pakistan Home Health Education Programme for Premarital Girls in Pakistan鐚Mid-term Assessment Report

                                                                        Publication date:2017-05-18

                                                                        How it started:

                                                                        Pakistan Home Health Education Programme for Premarital Girls is a collaborative effort between AMDA and National Rural Support Programme (NRSP), a prominent Pakistani NGO known for its rural capacity-building initiatives in Pakistan. The program was prompted after AMDA conducted the first survey in the country’s remote areas in September 2013 prior to the health project.

                                                                        • AMDA-TaiwanIHA Joint-Medical-Mission for Free Cleft Lip & Palate Operation in Indonesia

                                                                          Publication date:2017-05-17
                                                                          Once again, for the third year in a row, AMDA International teamed up with it`s long time trusting partner TaiwanIHA (Taiwan International Health Action), to conduct Cleft Palate and reconstructive su

                                                                          • AMDA-Haiti Conducts 6th Annual Free Dental Clinic

                                                                            Publication date:2017-02-20
                                                                            AMDA Haiti conducted it`s annual free dental clinic once again at the Bethel Clinic of the Salvation Army Hospital in Fond-des-Negres, Haiti. A total of 9 members, including the chapter chairperson Dr. Frederic (dentist), from AMDA Haiti successfully conducted the 2 days clinic on the 10th and 11th of February. AMDA Haiti has been collaborating with Bethel Clinic to conduct these missions since 2010, yearly, with the support from AMDA Japan.

                                                                            • AMDA's Second Mission for Sri Lankan Flood Disaster

                                                                              Publication date:2016-06-24
                                                                              In mid May, most part of Sri Lanka went through severe flooding and landslides. Several days of incessant rain caused extensive flood in many parts including Colombo. More than 100 people died and more than 250,000 people were affected around the country.

                                                                              As the second stage of relief activities, AMDA International joined AMDA Sri Lanka and Ministry of Health to conducted a free medical and relief mission in the Kolonnawa village. Kolonnawa is a low-lying area in the outskirts of Colombo inhabited by all three ethnic groups of Sri Lanka Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim. The area was inundated during the flood in May. People experienced property damage and loss along with severe living conditions during the flood and according to the head priest from the local Buddhist temple the area hardly received any help from outside. This much-needed mission was made possible with the generous and timely support from Rissho Kosei-kai`s “Donate-a-Meal Fund for Peace” movement.

                                                                              • AMDA Peace Clinic Activity - Story of Sunaina Devi

                                                                                Publication date:2016-03-29
                                                                                My name is Babita Kumari Thakur. I am the nurse at AMDA Peace clinic (APC) in Bodh-Gaya. Mastipur and Piparpati are two communities in Bodh-Gaya and I am taking care of the pregnant ladies of these tw

                                                                                • APC Starts Free and Regular Dental Clinic in Bodhgaya, India

                                                                                  Publication date:2016-02-01
                                                                                  AMDA Peace Clinic in Bodhgaya, India has been providing various community health and social development services to the people of Bodhgaya, especially in Mastipur area, since its inception in 2009. APC conducted its first free dental clinic on Saturday the 30th of January. The free service to the community will be provided regularly as a monthly clinic. This program is being implemented as part of AMDA`s comprehensive Primary Health Care program for the community in Bodhgaya. APC has been providing regular Mother and Childcare services since October 2015 under the same program free of charge.

                                                                                  • AMDA Peace Clinic completes Six Successful Years

                                                                                    Publication date:2015-12-07

                                                                                    On 20 November 2015, the ceremony to celebrate the 6th anniversary of AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya in Bihar State, India, was held at Isshin-ji Temple. APC has been running along side with Isshinji Temple since its inauguration in 2009 under the trust “SaijoInarisan Boddai Isshiji Trust”.

                                                                                    In August 2014, the APC started with new service of Maternal and Child Care. In total there are 72 registered

                                                                                    • Free Dental Camp with TaiwanIHA at AMDA Peace Clinic, Bodhgaya, India

                                                                                      Publication date:2015-10-06
                                                                                      AMDA International has been running AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya under the trust “Saijyo Inarisan Bodaiisshinji” for the last 6 year. Since last October AMDA has been conducting mother and childcare clinic free of charge for the people of Mastipur where APC is located. A special clinic with Gynecologist is conducted twice a month at APC.
                                                                                      On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of October AMDA conducted a free dental camp with the help of TaiwanIHA who sent a team of three to Bodhgaya consisting a dentist, dental therapist and a coordinator for this mission.

                                                                                      • AMDA Sent Eye Care Experts to Mongolia Supported by "Local-to-Local" Technical Exchange Program of Okayama Prefecture

                                                                                        Publication date:2015-10-02

                                                                                        As part of the “Local-to-Local” Technical Exchange Program conducted by Okayama Prefectural Council for international skill development, AMDA sent eye care experts and carried out eye examination for children from 26th till 29th of August 2015.
                                                                                        In Mongolia where eye examination for children is not so common or no attention is taken until obvious symptoms appear,

                                                                                        • Rehabilitation Activity for Nepal Earthquake Support for Wheelchair Manufacturing Training 2

                                                                                          Publication date:2015-09-02
                                                                                          After three months passed since the earthquake hit and devastated Nepal, AMDA continues to support rehabilitation in collaboration with AMDA Nepal and local organizations.

                                                                                          One of AMDA’s rehabilitation activities is for people with disabilities to return their home. Instead of providing them wheelchairs directly, AMDA decided to dispatch AMDA Physical therapist to the wheelchair manufacturing training session for technicians and provided materials to build wheelchair. In this way, local technicians can build and repair wheelchairs on their own in the future. 

                                                                                          • Rehabilitation Activity for Nepal Earthquake -Support for Wheelchair Manufacturing Training 1

                                                                                            Publication date:2015-09-02
                                                                                            The Magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit central part of Nepal on April 25th, 2015, which killed 8,800 people and 
                                                                                            injured 22,000 others. In collaboration with local organizations in Nepal, AMDA continues our reconstruction activities for Nepal Earthquake.

                                                                                            One of AMDA reconstruction activities is related to physical rehabilitation services led by AMDA physical therapist (PT) who have participated in AMDA’s emergency relief activities for Nepal Earthquake.

                                                                                            • Pakistan Home Health Education Program Marks One Year from the Start

                                                                                              Publication date:2015-08-11
                                                                                              Pakistan Home Health Education Program started in June 2014 with the goal of promoting health in one rural area of Pakistan by disseminating health-realted knowledge including polio to prema

                                                                                              • First Mother and Childcare Clinic in Mastipur, Bodhgaya

                                                                                                Publication date:2015-08-03
                                                                                                On the 2nd of August 2015, AMDA Peace Clinic of Bodhgaya, conducted it`s first special service of Gynecology for the people of Mastipur and Pipalpati. AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) has been providing m

                                                                                                • Follow-up Activity for Cyclone Pam in Oceania

                                                                                                  Publication date:2015-06-22
                                                                                                  In March, 2015, massive cyclone Pam impacted and left huge devastation in the island countries in Oceania, such as Vanuatu, Tuvalu and Kiribati. Responding to the situation, AMDA conducted emergency relief activity in Tuvalu after having collected the information from our networks in Samoa and Fiji.

                                                                                                  • The Activity of AMDA Peace Clinic in Bodhgaya

                                                                                                    Publication date:2015-04-03
                                                                                                    “AMDA Peace Clinic” in Bodhgaya, India has been reborn as a Mother and Child clinic since October, 2014. This activity report is from an AMDA nurse who worked with the local staff for three weeks at the new “AMDA Peace Clinic”. 

                                                                                                    • Progress Report on Home Health Education Program in Pakistan

                                                                                                      Publication date:2015-03-26
                                                                                                      Having found the high need for health-related project through surveys, Chigasaki-Chuo Rotary Club(CCRC) and AMDA decided to launch “Home Health Education Program in Pakistan”, in consultat

                                                                                                      • Reconstruction of Leyte Medical Society Building/Emergency Relief Station Tacloban, Philippines

                                                                                                        Publication date:2015-03-26
                                                                                                        On November 8th, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan hit and caused massive damage to most parts of the Philippines. 6,300 deaths and 28,689 injured were recorded, and approximately 16 million people were affected b

                                                                                                        • 5th anniversary ceremony for AMDA Peace Clinic

                                                                                                          Publication date:2015-02-04
                                                                                                          On 20 November 2014, the ceremony to celebrate the 5th anniversary of AMDA Peace Clinic in Bodhgaya (Bihar State, India) was held at Isshin-ji Temple and at AMDA Peace Clinic (APC). From its inaugurat

                                                                                                          • From the Field: Voice of AMDA Nurse in Bodhgaya

                                                                                                            Publication date:2015-01-14
                                                                                                            I am qualified nurse from Gaya district in the state of Bihar, India. Bihar in many ways rich in resources but somehow prevails as one of the poorest states of India. I am working at the Mother and Ch

                                                                                                            • New Mother and Child Care Center in Bodhgaya

                                                                                                              Publication date:2014-10-22
                                                                                                              AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya has been operating an Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine) Clinic since 2009. After almost 5 years of successful contribution to the field of Ayurveda in Bodhgaya

                                                                                                              • AMDA Peace Clinic in India Celebrates 3rd Year Anniversary

                                                                                                                Publication date:2012-11-20
                                                                                                                AMDA established an Ayurveda Clinic in Bodhgaya, India and named it AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in 2009. The clinic was established under the Bodhaiisshinji Trust, Bodhgaya and has a Buddhist temple adjoi

                                                                                                                • AMDA Peace Clinic to deliver free medical services on Buddha's anniversary

                                                                                                                  Publication date:2011-05-20
                                                                                                                  In celebration of the 2,600th anniversary of Buddha's enlightenment, a big event was held in Bodhgaya, India, known as the sanctuary for Buddhist adherents. While a lot of religious & cultural activi

                                                                                                                  • AMDA Peace Clinic Opens in Bodhgaya, India

                                                                                                                    Publication date:2009-11-13
                                                                                                                      On Nov. 1st 2009, the opening ceremony of AMDA Peace Clinic was held in Bodhgaya, India, the world heritage site known as the Buddhist sanctuary. Attended by Dr. Shigeru Suganami, the preside

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