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  • Nepalese TV crews experience to be featured in a school textbook

    Publication date:2019-07-16
    By Dr. Archana Shrestha Joshi (AMDA Headquarters)

    A horrendous M7.8 earthquake that devastated Nepal on 25 April 2015 claimed the lives of 9,000 people and left more than 23,000 injured. The quake which happened to be the largest in the last 80 years revealed the nation’s vulnerability for the lack of disaster preparedness, not to mention the absence of countermeasures and capacity to minimize the risks. Nepalese media were no exception in this regard: Despite of their utmost effort, they were

    • Post-disaster Health Promotion Project in Dhading District, Nepal

      Publication date:2019-06-04
      By Masamine Jimba
      (Professor, Department of Community and Global Health,
      Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo)

      Female health volunteers having a meeting
      The catastrophic quake hit Nepal on 25 April 2015 and it affected the lives of millions, leaving over 9,000 dead with more than 18,000 wounded. About 20% of the total population was seriously afflicted by the calamity, followed by a segment of 17% whose lives were devastated in one way or another. 31 out of all 75 districts suffered a tremendous damage with 14 of them being completely destroyed.

      The extensive damage was a major blow to Nepal’s health and education sectors. Especially, many mothers and children were cut down access to medical and educational services. According to the local disaster

      • Sharing Workshop: Assistance for the physically impaired people in Nepal

        Publication date:2018-11-22
        By Nozomu Nishijima (AMDA Physiotherapist, Nepal)Assistance for the victims of 2015 earthquake in Nepal, especially with a focus on supporting disabled people and their families, has entered its fourt

        • Singaporean medical students trained in Nepal

          Publication date:2018-11-01
          By Archana Joshi

          As an effort to foster the next generation of humanitarian medical experts, AMDA recently launched the “Triple-A Partnership Program (TAPP)” which comprises of AMDA, AMSA (Asian Medical Students’ Association) and AMSA Alumni to conduct a range of collaborative projects. From 14 May to 09 June 2018, nine students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) underwent practical training at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) in Nepal.

          • AMDA Damak Hospital Medical Superintendent gives thanks and gives back

            Publication date:2018-06-06

            AMDA Damak Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Nabin

            Ms. Babita Kumari, a staff member of AMDA Peace Clinic in Bodhgaya, India, recently traveled to Nepal to undergo maternal and child healthcare training at AMDA Damak Hospital, one of the three hospitals run by AMDA Nepal. We interviewed the hospital director Dr. Nabin to learn how the program went and how it all happened.


            • Ms. Babita Kumari from APC undergoes training in Nepal

              Publication date:2018-06-01
              From 15 to 19 April 2018, Ms. Babita Kumari, a staff member of AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya, India, went through a training program pertaining to maternal and infant care at AMDA Damak Hospital in Nepal. AMDA has been promoting technical exchange and training within 32 chapters around the globe. The following report was submitted by Ms. Kumari herself:

              When Dr. Suganami visited APC in November 2017, I was asked if I wanted to receive training at AMDA Damak Hospital in the southeast of Nepal. With a capacity of 100 beds,

              • Supporting the Rehabilitation of Disabled Victims in Nepal

                Publication date:2018-05-02

                Everyone is speaking up to create a better place
                to live

                Supporting the Rehabilitation of Disabled Victims in Nepal – Report 15
                Now is our chance to develop welfare in the community
                Nozomi Nishijima, Physiotherapist

                As a part of AMDA`s activities to support disabled victims in Nepal, we have been visiting many of those with disabilities individually. Not just in the suburbs of Kathmandu, but also in remote locations undertaking home visits in the form of a mobile camp, joined by disability groups. As a part of the IDOBATA GAFU Program, while giving counselling to disabled individuals, we have also talked with neighbors about understanding disabilities.

                • AMDA Emergency Relief Bulletin #1: Floods in Nepal

                  Publication date:2017-09-01
                  The torrential rain since the early August has caused floods and landslides in the southern part of Nepal (Terai plains) which has left substantial damage to the area. The Interior Ministry of Nepal a

                  • Visit to Siddhara Children and Women Hospital

                    Publication date:2016-05-30
                    On 9 March in 2016, we, 3 professors and 7 students of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, visited at Siddhara Children and Women Hospital (SCWH) established by AMDA (Association of Medical Doctors i

                    • Disaster-Response Training program for Nepal TV Crew in Japan 3

                      Publication date:2015-12-04
                      Throughout this training program in Japan, Nepal TV crew saw, learnt and inspired by efforts of different people related to disaster management especially from a Mass media point of view. The crew will report their learning in Japan to Image Channel, and would like to organize a lecture for the staff to improve their awareness on disaster prevention. They also promised to work on raising awareness of disaster prevention among general population in Nepal through their TV programs.

                      • Training Program for Nepalese TV Crew on Disaster Response 2

                        Publication date:2015-12-03
                        Despite of the tight schedule, Nepal TV-crew had many precious experiences in Japan when they visited Osaka, Iwate and Okayama prefectures.

                        When they visited Otsuchi town in Iwate prefecture, even after 5 years, they could witness the impact and devastation of the Tohoku Tsunami first hand. A TV camera operator from Iwate broadcasting center shared his experience from the Tsunami-time during which, he continued to film everything he saw in the affected areas as his hometown, Kamaishi, was thrashed and swallowed

                        • Training program for Nepal TV Crew On Disaster response in Japan 1

                          Publication date:2015-12-02
                          On 25th of April 2015, a massive earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck the central part of Nepal followed by continuous aftershocks that brought people panic and more fear. During AMDA’s emergency relief missions, Dr.Shegeru Suganami, president of AMDA, had an opportunity to talk about Japanese emergency management on a local Nepalese TV program - Image Channel. His story inspired the TV crews of Image channel and made them think about the roles and responsibilities of mass media during emergency situations. With the great support from Sanyo broadcasting (RSK) in Okayama, Japan,

                          • Reports on AMMM: Nepal Earthquake 2015

                            Publication date:2015-10-07
                            by Dr. Mohammad Humayun Alamgir, AMDA Bangladesh
                              A deadly earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 that happened in Nepal at 11:55 AM on the 25th April ‘2015 killed more than 8,500 people and injured more than 22,000 people. It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since 1934.Hundreds of thousands of the people became homeless with entire villages flattened across many districts of the country. It destroyed also many world heritage sites and tourist spots.

                            As a continuation of the medical relief operation for the victims, AMDA has decided to

                            • Field Visit to Outreach Clinic in Nepal by a Japanese Doctor

                              Publication date:2015-09-11
                              We have received a report on the field visit to AMDA -TUTH outreach clinic in Chautara from a Japanese doctor.

                              Doctor’s Voice:

                              As a medical doctor, it was natural for me to have an interest in disaster medicine after the Nepal earthquake and wanted to visit the field in Nepal to see actual medical activities in the affected areas. Fortunately, July 2015 I got a chance to visit the field activity site of AMDA -TUTH

                              • AMDA`s Follow-up Activity for Nepal Earthquake

                                Publication date:2015-09-03
                                One of AMDA headquarter staff, a Nepalese national, who participated during April 2015 Nepal Earthquake emergency relief mission, visited her home country again from 15th to 22nd August, 2015. She helped to distribute denim tarpaulins donated by a Japanese company to the affected people through AMDA Nepal. Following is her report on current situation in Nepal after the earthquake.

                                Four months after the earthquake, monsoon rain triggered landslides that blocked roads and damaged many villages that had been already affected by earthquake.

                                • Rehabilitation Activity for Nepal Earthquake Support for Wheelchair Manufacturing Training 2

                                  Publication date:2015-09-02
                                  After three months passed since the earthquake hit and devastated Nepal, AMDA continues to support rehabilitation in collaboration with AMDA Nepal and local organizations.

                                  One of AMDA’s rehabilitation activities is for people with disabilities to return their home. Instead of providing them wheelchairs directly, AMDA decided to dispatch AMDA Physical therapist to the wheelchair manufacturing training session for technicians and provided materials to build wheelchair. In this way, local technicians can build and repair wheelchairs on their own in the future. 

                                  • Rehabilitation Activity for Nepal Earthquake -Support for Wheelchair Manufacturing Training 1

                                    Publication date:2015-09-02
                                    The Magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit central part of Nepal on April 25th, 2015, which killed 8,800 people and 
                                    injured 22,000 others. In collaboration with local organizations in Nepal, AMDA continues our reconstruction activities for Nepal Earthquake.

                                    One of AMDA reconstruction activities is related to physical rehabilitation services led by AMDA physical therapist (PT) who have participated in AMDA’s emergency relief activities for Nepal Earthquake.

                                    • Nepal Earthquake: Report from Dispatched Filipino Doctors

                                      Publication date:2015-08-19
                                      AMDA implemented GPSP/AMDA Multinational Medical Mission for Nepal earthquake. We dispatched medical doctors and other medical personnels from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Canada, India, Japan and the Philippines.
                                      Here are the activity reports from young Filipino doctors from Development Academy of the Philippines(DAP).


                                      Nepal Earthquake Response                                                        By Dr. Aljune Patiam                      

                                      Volunteer doctors, nurses and midwives from Japan, Philippines, Canada together with AMDA International paid visit at AMDA Nepal headquarters prior to deployment to affected areas. A meeting was conducted too as to what is the current status of the operations. We were accommodated very warmly and they assured us of our safety.

                                      • TUTH-AMDA Joint Reconstruction Programme for Nepal Earthquake

                                        Publication date:2015-07-23
                                        The great earthquake struck Nepal on the 25th of April 2015, inflicting extensive damages across many municipalities including capital Kathmandu. AMDA jointly with Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) have been delivering health services to the affected people in remote areas through “outreach clinic” service.

                                        This programme aims to offer comprehensive health care services including physical, mental and social support. This means not only providing direct medical consultations and care, but also including hygiene education, psychosocial

                                        • Rehabilitation Activity for Nepal Earthquake

                                          Publication date:2015-07-02
                                          Rehabilitation Activity for Nepal Earthquake
                                          ~ Psychosocial support and counseling training for volunteers in collaboration with Nepal Medical Association, Japan Medical Association and AMDA~

                                          On 25th of the April, massive earthquake devastated Nepal and left deep psychological scars in the minds of affected people. Following the initial emergency relief activities, AMDA has been supporting a training program for volunteer counselors in cooperation with Nepal Medical Association (NMA) and Japan Medical Association (JMA). AMDA believes this program can help to improve psychosocial care.

                                          • Nepal Earthquake: Activity Report From a Dispatched Doctor

                                            Publication date:2015-06-21
                                            AMDA conducted AMDA/GPSP Multinational Medical Missions(AMDA/GPSP MMM) for the great earthquake impacted  Nepal on the 25th of April.
                                            We would like to share a report from a Cambodian doctor who participated in the mission.

                                            • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 20

                                              Publication date:2015-05-25
                                              AMDA has been implementing the collaborating activities with AMDA Nepal since April 27th. Meanwhile, AMDA is also supporting a local youth group ‘Panas-spreading light’, which is dedicating their efforts to the affected people by the earthquake.

                                              Following the first activity with Panas on May 6th, AMDA funded for their second activity in Kavre. Panas provided relief supplies for 80 families, such as rice, beans and hygiene goods. Based on the information from the local people, Panas found that Mahadevsthan was in a critical condition, thus decided to distribute the necessary items. Panas was very welcomed and appreciated by the village people, and the children happily rushed to the chocolates they distributed.

                                              • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 19

                                                Publication date:2015-05-24
                                                AMDA continue to provide mobile clinics around the Kathmandu valley with the help and support of the dedicated AMDA Nepal staff. On the 21st of May, AMDA team held at the local Health Post in Bha

                                                • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 18

                                                  Publication date:2015-05-23
                                                  Following the Earthquake disaster and the continuing aftershocks, in Kathmandu people are still afraid of living inside their houses even though the houses are fully intact. They are staying and sleep

                                                  • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 17

                                                    Publication date:2015-05-19
                                                    Continuing the relief activities for the earthquake disasters in Nepal, AMDA team of a Japanese Physiotherapist and coordinator from AMDA HQ joint a team of a doctor and a nurse from AMDA Nepal to conduct a medical mission in one of the displaced people camp in the Lalitpur township of Patan, just outside Kathmandu. This time AMDA conducted the clinic for the differently able people who have been sheltered in part of the above-mentioned camp that is located opposite to the Central Zoo.

                                                    • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 16

                                                      Publication date:2015-05-17
                                                      On the 14th of May AMDA team of 9 members decided to go to two different sites with AMDA Nepal members. One team of 2 AMDA Philippine members and 3 AMDA Japan members went towards Nuwarkot are and it was decided that other team of 2 Canadian members and 2 AMDA Japan members would be send to Sindhupalchok are for another mission. However on the day of departure there was a second earthquake that brought more damaged to Nepal. Due to the trauma suffered by the local staff and the security of staff due to the unsafe mountain roads the team returned back to Kathmandu on the same day.

                                                      • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 15

                                                        Publication date:2015-05-16
                                                        Despite of the large scale aftershock on May 12th, AMDA-GPSP (Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace) Multinational Medical team has been continuously conducting medical missions for the affected people.

                                                        Because of the fear for more aftershocks, many in-patients stayed outside open area of the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, where many of AMDA Nepal doctors are affiliated with. On May 12th, right after the aftershock, more than 100 patients were treated at the hospital. Patients were carried outside with their beds by their relatives and chose to stay outside overnight in fear of more aftershock. In addition to the patients with external injuries, increased number of patients who are seeking psychological treatment for their stress and panic syndrome are coming to the hospital. This aftershock, which happened two weeks after the major earthquake, hit Nepal when people started to get back to their regular routine and affected the people tremendously.

                                                        • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 14

                                                          Publication date:2015-05-15
                                                          On May 12th, the big-scale aftershock of Magnitude 7.3 and 6.3 hit Nepal one after another. Its epicenter is Sindhupalchowk, one of AMDA’s activity site. According to the local information, this aftershock also caused some casualties.

                                                          All AMDA team members in Kathmandu, Sindhupalchowk, Nuwakot, and Gorkha are confirmed to be safe.

                                                          • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 13

                                                            Publication date:2015-05-14
                                                            On May 10th, the fifth Medical Team from Japan has departed for Kathmandu with medical equipment (30 sphygmomanometers, 30 stethoscopes and 5 pulse oximeters) donated by Tokushima prefecture that AMDA has concluded MOU with, for the predicted Nakai Trough Earthquake in the future.

                                                            • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 12

                                                              Publication date:2015-05-13
                                                              AMDA continues to support the affected people in Nepal with AMDA/GPSP (Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace) multinational medical teams. On May 10th, the second doctor from AMDA Canada has arrive

                                                              • Relief Efforts in India for the Earthquake in Nepal

                                                                Publication date:2015-05-12
                                                                In response to the earthquake in Nepal happened on the 25th of April, a member of Trust for AMDA Bodhgaya Peace Clinic is initiating support action for the affected people in Nepal.
                                                                With the financial support from AMDA HQs and Japanese supporters, they purchased relief goods such as powder milk, rice, sugar, noodles, biscuits, and sanitary napkins in Delhi, and those items were delivered to the disaster areas in Nepal by local volunteers.

                                                                • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 11

                                                                  Publication date:2015-05-12
                                                                  Since April 25th when the earthquake hit Nepal, AMDA Nepal has been conducting relief activities for the affected people and AMDA Multinational Medical Teams have been involved in their relief activit

                                                                  • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 10

                                                                    Publication date:2015-05-11
                                                                    AMDA Multinational Medical Teams have been involved in relief activities led by AMDA Nepal. AMDA Bangladesh also dispatched their medical doctor to Nepal to participate in the mission. 

                                                                    ???Sindhupalchowk District???
                                                                    AMDA Multinational Medical Teams have been working in Khadichaur of Sindhupalchowk District since end of April. On May 6th, a medical team of one doctor and three nurses from AMDA Damak hospital, replacing a previous AMDA Damak team, arrived in the activity site and joined in the medical mission along with one medical doctor from Japan. The team was able to see 22 patients, many of them suffering from problems such as external injuries, general physical problems etc. Some patients delayed to seek medical care for their injuries or physical problems because they thought they would heal on its own.
                                                                    As steep mountains are surrounding this area, due to frequent aftershocks, landslides are often seen in this area. According to a local person, the flood in last summer led to a major landslide few kilometers upper stream of the river, which destroyed houses in lower stream of the river. Therefore, local people decided to block the stream of this river and thus villages located in upper stream of the river were submerged in water. The unstable land after the great earthquake could easily lead to another disaster if rain continues., which need to be closely monitored. Communication connection is still unstable, and not enough relief supplies have distributed to some affected areas. Some of patients visited AMDA mobile clinic told the staff, “We lost everything from the earthquake, and we are sleeping on the wet ground at night in cold. My whole body aches.” “My house is completely gone. I have no idea how to survive with 11 children from now on.” 
                                                                    On May 6th, the fourth dispatched AMDA team from Japan has arrived in Nepal and moved to Sindhupalchowk on the next morning in order to participated in the on-going AMDA mobile clinic. 

                                                                    • Report from AMDA Nepal 2nd Team (3 May 2015)

                                                                      Publication date:2015-05-09
                                                                      The Government of Nepal has confirmed 7,709 deaths and more than 15,911 injuries resulting from the quake. AMDA Nepal emergency response team has been on the ground since April 26 when the quake struck, assessing the damage, delivering critically needed medicines and supplies and mobilising to provide emergency care to survivors. AMDA International has already deployed additional volunteer from Japan, Bangladesh, Combodia, Canada, relief materials and resources as quickly as possible to support relief efforts and is operating Mobile Medical Team (MMT) in remote areas, including Swaurpani VDC in Gorkha district, very close to the center point of earthquake (Barpak). AMDA Nepal has set-up its outreach health clinic in Gorkha, Sindhupalchowk and Nuwakot. It is planned to extend it in Rasuwa district as well.  These outreach health clinic sites are near the damaged health center and has expanded to reach the hardest-hit communities, often hardly accessible by road.

                                                                      • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 9

                                                                        Publication date:2015-05-07
                                                                        AMDA teams have been continuously working with the affected people in Nepal since 25th of April, when the earthquake hit Nepal. As of May 5th, casualties of Nepal earthquake rose to 7,611 with 14

                                                                        • Emergency Relief Medical Mission for Earthquake Victims in Nepal form AMDA Hospital Damak

                                                                          Publication date:2015-05-05
                                                                          AMDA Hospital Damak has been providing emergency medical facility to earthquake victims in Nepal since 26th April 2015 though our extended clinic in our hospital premises.

                                                                          As Damak was the least effected area by the earthquake, we had about 6 patients victim of earthquake. As the norm of AMDA family, we formed 11 members emergency relief (ER) team for the first phase of relief activities in collaboration with Damak municipality.

                                                                          On 29th April, 11 members of ER team from AMDA hospital left for Sindhu Sadabahar Hospital at Khadichour, Sindhupalchowk in two vehicles. One of the vehicle was from AMDA hospital and other one was a private vehicle belongs to an AMDA doctor. Unfortunately, due to damage to the highway, the team was force to halt that night in one of the community hospitals.

                                                                          • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 8

                                                                            Publication date:2015-05-04
                                                                            On 3rd May, the joint medical team, consisting of staff dispatched by AMDA Headquarters in Japan and members of AMDA Nepal, moved from Sindhupalchok District, where they had been providing medical support, to the center of Dharmasthali in Kathmandu District.

                                                                            In Dharmasthali, even large brick buildings had collapsed and the air was filled with dust. Inspecting the status of damage in the city, the team visited victims’ houses and performed medical examinations where necessary.
                                                                            Even though the city is in Kathmandu District, no rescue team had yet arrived in over a week since the earthquake.

                                                                            • Update Report for Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal from AMDA Nepal

                                                                              Publication date:2015-05-04

                                                                              Here is the update Report for Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal from AMDA Nepal

                                                                              The Great Earthquake Nepal, April 2015

                                                                              Origin, Magnitude, Distribution and Impact

                                                                              Nepal lies in a major earthquake beltt wher the India and Eurasia plates meet. The constant crashing of the two plates formed the Himalayan ranges and the region's last earthquake with high magnitude was in 1934.

                                                                              The Earthquake occured at 11:56 A.M with its epicenter in Gorkha of Richter scale 7.6 - 7.9 on Saturday, April 25, 2015. Approximately, 110 aftershocks of more than 4 Richter scale were recorded between 11:56am on 25th April and 1:29am on 30th April. (Source:National Earthquake Center, Kathmandu.

                                                                              • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 7

                                                                                Publication date:2015-05-03

                                                                                AMDA Nepal Children’s Hospital team Place of activities: Saurpani (Pokhari Danda, Gorkha District, Gandaki Zone)

                                                                                The Rescue Committee of Gorkha District, Gandaki Zone, where damage from the earthquake was so severe that no emergency relief aid had yet reached it, sent an Emergency aid request to AMDA’s Siddhartha Mother & Child Hospital (also known as AMDA Nepal Children’s Hospital), in Butwal, Rupandehi District.
                                                                                Upon receiving this request, AMDA Nepal’s members organized a medical support team which left Butwal on 27th for the neighboring Gorka District. The team comprised of 8 people: 3 medical doctors, 2 nurses and 3 non-medical staff.

                                                                                • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 6

                                                                                  Publication date:2015-05-02
                                                                                  One week has passed since the magnitude 7.9 earthquake had hit Nepal.

                                                                                  The huge shake had destroyed houses and roads to the remote villages in the mountains.
                                                                                  Aid have not reached many of the villages.

                                                                                  The first dispatch team from Japan conducted medical mission at Sindhu Sadabahar Hospital in Sindhupalchowk of Bagmati District.
                                                                                  The team moved back to Kathmandu to receive the supplies that arrived from Japan.

                                                                                  After the second dispatch from Japan and Bangladesh arrived in Kathmandu, they joined AMDA Nepal and arrived in Sindhupalchowk to replace the first dispatched team.
                                                                                  AMDA Hospital in Damak, Jhapa District also arrived and joined the team in Sindhupalchowk.

                                                                                  • Condolence Message to The Affected People of Recent Earthquake in Nepal from AMDA

                                                                                    Publication date:2015-05-01
                                                                                    Condolence Message to The Affected People of Recent Earthquake in Nepal from AMDAWe would like to extend our deepest condolences for those who lost their lives in the Nepal earthquake and express our

                                                                                    • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 5

                                                                                      Publication date:2015-05-01
                                                                                      On 29th, the AMDA Medical team left Kathmandu to Mankha city in Sindhu Palchock district of Bagmati zone.

                                                                                      No support has been reached this region and our team went with a car and it took them one day to reach there.
                                                                                      It is only located about 80km away from Kathmandu.
                                                                                      But because of earthquakes, rocks were lying on the road to the area and continues rain after earthquake made the road condition worse and difficult to travel.

                                                                                      • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 4

                                                                                        Publication date:2015-04-29
                                                                                        The 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25th April 2015 has caused tremendous damage to the country. According to the UN Situation Report, as of 27th April, the death toll has risen to 3,351, and 6,833 are injured.

                                                                                        As per the request from the Rescue Committee of Gorkha District in Gandaki Zone, on 27th of April 3 doctors and 2nurses were dispatched from AMDA’s Siddhartha Mother & Child Hospital in Butwal to Gorkha District, where the damage was hardest and no medical team has reached there as of the 27th.

                                                                                        AMDA team includes a doctor who has once received training at a maternal clinic/hospital in Japan.
                                                                                        They will travel by car part of the way, then walk for 3 to 6 hours in order to reach the activity site.

                                                                                        • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 3

                                                                                          Publication date:2015-04-28

                                                                                          On the 27th of April, AMDA team arrived in Sankhu City, suburb of Kathmandu. After their arrival, they set up a tent and started an emergency medical clinic with the help of doctors from AMDA Nepal.
                                                                                          Approximately 60 patients were treated during the mission and major symptoms were high blood pressure and minor injuries.
                                                                                          Fortunately, no patients were suffering from major injuries or broken bone etc due to the earthquake at this site.

                                                                                          • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 2

                                                                                            Publication date:2015-04-27
                                                                                            Having left Okayama on Sunday 26th, AMDA's first medical team left Kuala Lumpur on Monday 27th morning and arrived safely at Tribhuvan International Airport inNepal, at 12:45pm. According to our team, the flight was full of rescue teams and media crews from different countries.  Due to the increase in the number of aid-flights and the limited capacity of the Airport facilities, the airplanes had to circle and wait for a long time above Tribhuvan Airport and many flights could not even land and had to head back.  According to our team the airport building was a chock-a-block with people everywhere they turn.

                                                                                            • Emergency Relief Activities in Nepal 1

                                                                                              Publication date:2015-04-26
                                                                                              At 11:56 local time on April 25th, 2015, a massive earthquake with a magnitude 7.8 struck Nepal and caused great damage.
                                                                                              Its epicenter was about 80km northwest from the capital city, Kathmandu.

                                                                                              Immediately after hearing the news, AMDA headquarter started working on dispatching a team, consisting of a coordinator and a nurse.

                                                                                              Today on 26th, the team departed for Kuala Lumpur from Japan.
                                                                                              They will stand by in Kuala Lumpur to catch the next available flight to Kathmandu the next day.

                                                                                              • Two Nurses from Nepal Received Training in Okayama, Japan

                                                                                                Publication date:2013-01-15
                                                                                                Two nurses from Nepal, who work at AMDA Siddhartha Children and Women Hospital and AMDA Institute of Health Science, received training at Okayama Prefectural University from November 26th through Dece

                                                                                                • Dr. Rameshwar Pokharel, the Founder of AMDA Nepal, Visited Okayama, Japan

                                                                                                  Publication date:2012-10-31
                                                                                                  Dr.Pokharel visited Japan on October 6th through Oct 12th. Dr. Pokharel is one of the founders of AMDA Nepal, Siddhartha Children & Women Hospital and AMDA Hospital in Damak, Nepal. He graduated from

                                                                                                  • AMDA Emergency Relief Bulletin II:ER for Diarrhea Outbreak in Nepal

                                                                                                    Publication date:2009-08-18
                                                                                                    On the 1st of Aug. 2009, a team of one coordinator and one doctor from AMDA Headquarters arrived in Kathmandu and on the 3rd of Aug., along with one doctor from AMDA-Nepal and a local T.V reporter lef

                                                                                                    • AMDA Emergency Relief Bulletin I:ER for Diarrhea Outbreak in Nepal

                                                                                                      Publication date:2009-07-31
                                                                                                      A severe outbreak of diarrhea is sweeping across the remote districts of western Nepal. So far the outbreak has claimed more than 183 lives and according to the latest reports it seems to spread to th

                                                                                                      • AMDA Emergency Bulletin I: Emergency Relief for Flood and Landslide in Kailali, Nepal

                                                                                                        Publication date:2008-11-04
                                                                                                        On the Sep. 19th there were severe flood and landslide in the mid-western Nepal. According to OCHA’s report 180,000 people had been affected by this disaster. On Sep. 26th AMDA Nepal sent a reli

                                                                                                        • Summary Report: Emergency Relief for Flood and Landslide in Kailali, Nepal

                                                                                                          Publication date:2008-11-04
                                                                                                          AMDA Nepal has completed its relief mission in Kailali, Nepal, (since Sep. 26th) in early October with a successful outcome. The team has diagnosed a total of 1,034 patients through its mobile clinic

                                                                                                          • AMDA Emergency Bulletin IV: Emergency Relief for Flood Victims in Sunsari, Nepal

                                                                                                            Publication date:2008-10-14
                                                                                                            From 21st Aug. to Sept. 16th AMDA Nepal set up a temporary clinic at the evacuation camp in Sunsari. There were 1,813 patients at the clinic in total out of 3,500 evacuees at the camp. About 44% of th

                                                                                                            • AMDA Emergency Bulletin III: Emergency Relief for Flood Victims in Sunsari, Nepal

                                                                                                              Publication date:2008-09-05
                                                                                                              As of Sept 1st, a relief team from AMDA Nepal has prolonged its mobile clinic services in Sunsari. The team has decided to extend its assistance considering the possible outbreak of communicable disea

                                                                                                              • AMDA Emergency Bulletin II: Emergency Relief for Flood Victims in Sunsari, Nepal

                                                                                                                Publication date:2008-09-02
                                                                                                                In response to the disastrous flood that struck eastern part of Nepal, a relief team from AMDA Nepal has been conducting mobile clinic services at the evacuation site in the heavily affected Sunsari a

                                                                                                                • AMDA Emergency Bulletin I: Emergency Relief for Flood Victims in Sunsari, Nepal

                                                                                                                  Publication date:2008-08-28
                                                                                                                  Flood caused by torrential monsoon rainfall on August 18th wreaked havoc in a number of districts in southern plains, heavily affected the Sunsari district in the East of Nepal. According to local rep

                                                                                                                  • Medical Relief for Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal

                                                                                                                    Publication date:1992-05-01
                                                                                                                    Nepalese-Bhutanese residents in Bhutan were victimized by the country’s nationalistic policy thus obliged to relocate to eastern Nepal. To help those evacuees AMDA organized a medical missio

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