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  • Video clip: AMDA's promotional video is ready!

    Publication date:2019-09-24
    Our promotional video is now ready on AMDA English YouTube Channel. Kindly have a look.  

    • AMDA Emergency Relief #3 - Philippines Typhoon/Monsoon Disaster

      Publication date:2018-09-29
      In the morning of 27 September, the AMDA coordinator spoke with AMDA’s local partner, Dr. Mercado (the key figures for AMDA`s Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace (GPSP) program and currently serves as Deputy Cabinet Secretary at the Office of the Cabinet Secretary of the Philippines and Executive Director of the Performance and Projects Monitoring Office) to plan relief activities for the affected people from the recent typhoon disaster. In the afternoon, the AMDA coordinator departed with a local coordinator for Baguio, Benguet Province on the island of Luzon.

      • AMDA Emergency Relief #2 - Philippines Typhoon/Monsoon Disaster

        Publication date:2018-09-28
        On 26 September, one coordinator from AMDA Japan departed to Manila to extend support to the affected people in the Philippines jointly with our local partners. The next day, the coordinator had a meeting with local partners to discuss about possible relief activities.

        AMDA, in collaboration with local partners, will conduct relief activities in the severely affected province of Benguet in addition to Pangasinan. Then, the joint team will move to Naga City in Cebu, a region affected by landslides.

        • 2017 AMDA Mongolia project report

          Publication date:2017-12-20
          It has been 10 years since AMDA launched the project in Mongolia. This year, we conducted Mongolian projects eye-checkup and medical healthcare projects on the basis of GPSP from 30 August to 17 Septe

          • AMDA Emergency Relief Bulletin #3: Earthquake in Central Mexico

            Publication date:2017-09-25

            Medical Consultation offered
            at an evacuation center in Mexico City

            Upon arrival at Mexico City, AMDA nurse met with a local cooperator, Tenrikyo Mexico local office and had a meeting to share the local affect from the earthquake as well as to discuss about the plan. Our local cooperator office had a little physical damage from the earthquake. Electricity supply was resumed after 2days, however, water supply has been stopped still.  

            According to our local assessment in Mexico city conducted on 23rd, food and daily goods are supplied enough and evacuees have access to medical care at or around evacuation centers. Now, AMDA jointly with Tenrikyo Mexico

            • Embassy of Japan in Peru put an article on AMDA visit on their website

              Publication date:2017-04-14

              AMDA Peru and Japan Medical team made a courtesy call to Ambassador Kabutan at Embassy of Japan in Lima, Peru, and the embassy put an article on AMDA visit on their website below. Also, local newspaper introduced AMDA activity and our visit to Japan Embassy in Lima, Peru.

              Please visit their website.


              • Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace Soul and Medicine Program (GPSP-SMP) in Makassar, Indonesia

                Publication date:2015-12-18
                AMDA conducted its Soul and Medicine Program (SMP) under the Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace (GPSP) in Makassar Indonesia on 18th of November 2015. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. Participants included Head of Office of the Consular office of Japan in Makassar, Japanese priests from the “Rinzai-zen” Buddhism , volunteers and staff of HQ-Japan, local representative priests from each religion of faith, namely Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. They all prayed together for the victims of war.

                • GPSP Soul and Medicine Programme in Tacloban, Philippines

                  Publication date:2015-12-15
                  GPSP Soul and Medicine Programme was started as “AMDA Soul and Medicine Programme” in the Philippines in the year of 2000. During this programme, generally, people with different religion of faith from the host/local country and Japan come together to pay their respect to all those who were lost during World War II as well as during natural disasters.

                  Under the new movement of Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace (GPSP), on 1st of December 2015, GPSP Soul and Medicine Programme was held in Barangay San

                  • GPSP Soul and Medicine Program (SMP) in Colombo, Sri Lanka

                    Publication date:2015-11-06
                    AMDA conducted its Soul and Medicine Program (SMP) under the new movement of Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace (GPSP) in Sri Lanka on 29th of October.  This time AMDA joint hands with Sarvodaya to conduct this service under the guidance of AMDA Sri Lanka. The ceremony was held at the Peace Center at Sarvodaya HQ in Moratuwa, Colombo. AMDA invited two Japanese monks from Okayama to participate at this multi-faith prayer ceremony for peace. Lions club International also took part in this ceremony.

                    • The 10th Recovery Gourmet Grand-Prix in Tohoku, Japan

                      Publication date:2015-07-29
                      As few years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, less supports are coming from outside. Thus affected local market owners stood up and have been working together on reconstruction process and disseminated information about local situation from the affected areas in Tohoku to the world. This was the history behind the birth of “Recovery Gourmet Grand Prix”, known as “F-1”. Through this event, local shopping markets in the affected areas cooperate and support each other by sharing their ideas and information. Now, they are on the way to reconstruction process not as individual local

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