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AMDA's COVID-19 Response

AMDA's COVID-19 Response Since January 2020, AMDA's 32 global chapters have been working closely to monitor and fight against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Our initial assistance was to donate facial masks to people living in Beijing, China in February in which AMDA Nepal and other partners supplied the items. Ever since, we have committed ourselves to providing support in the best way we can to help those who are in dire straits.

As of now, we are collecting donations to provide both medical and non-medical assistance to those who are affected by the outbreak.
We are also supporting medical professionals and clerical staff who are directly or indirectly involved with the fight against this global threat.

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Activity Summary: AMDA's COVID-19 Response

AMDA Headquarters:
Provision of relief items (face masks and sanitizers etc.)

AMDA's COVID-19 Response Following the face mask donation to Beijing in February, AMDA Headquarters launched a series of item donation efforts in Japan, targeting its partner medical institutions that are expected to collaborate (or have collaborated) at the time of emergencies.

Amidst the increase in the number of infected cases within the country, the initiative helped the medical facilities to secure enough face masks, sanitizers and other PPE for their staff.

AMDA Headquarters received positive feedback from the beneficiaries who said they were greatly encouraged by the assistance.

AMDA Peace Clinic (India):
Food Distribution to pregnant women and their families

AMDA's COVID-19 Response AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya, India has been providing food items to pregnant women and their families that are registered at the clinic every Tuesday.

India had been under a complete lockdown since the end of March due to the widespread of the novel coronavirus.
This also forced APC to suspend its operation until the beginning of June.
In the meantime, people's lives in the locality were economically hard-hit where many households had difficulty making ends meet.

The families of the pregnant women were no exception since many of their breadwinners lost their jobs for being day labourers. As they no longer had enough money to buy food, APC decided to provide food stuffs to each of the households.
The food donation is expected to continue until August.

AMDA Philippines:
Webinars, free online medical consultations and PPE donation

AMDA's COVID-19 Response Since mid-March, the government of the Philippines had imposed the so-called Enhanced Community Quarantine on the metropolitan Manila which restricted people's unnecessary outings.

In order to support those who could not access medical facilities at the time, AMDA Philippines offered free online medical consultation services from 23 March to 17 April. The project was a collaborative effort between AMDA Philippines, Asian Medical Students' Associations Philippines (AMSA Philippines) as well as local universities and other relevant organizations. It came to a successful completion after the government launched a similar service on 7 April.

Following the earlier donation drive in which AMDA Philippines provided PPE to its partner medical institutions, one noteworthy attempt was AMDA Philippines "Bayanihan" Webinar Series. It was intended to inform the public and medical professionals the knowledge pertaining to COVID-19. The webinars prompted exchange of opinions between experts and the audience based on the themes listed as below:

AMDA Philippines' "Bayanihan" Webinar Series (30 May - 27 June):
* 30 May - Tele-Medicine
* 06 June - Return to Workplace
* 13 June - Perspectives of a COVID-19 Survivor
* 20 June - Mental Health
* 27 June - Vaccines Update

The seminars were, again, organized in collaboration with the aforementioned partner organizations.

AMDA Philippines will keep an eye on the local situation, even though the Enhanced Community Quarantine was degraded to the General Community Quarantine on 1 June.

AMDA Indonesia:
Patient screening

AMDA's COVID-19 Response The number of infected cases in Indonesia has been growing daily. In Sulawesi where AMDA Indonesia is headquartered, the chapter has been conducting a screening test for visitors at local hospitals since late March.
The screening is held between 9 AM to 3 PM, seeing up to 50 patients per day.

As for other chapters, we have been exchanging information on what the situations are in each country on a daily basis. We have constantly been assessing what initiatives could be taken to extend a helping hand to those in need.

AMDA Afghanistan:
Free consultation services and provision of personal protective items

AMDA's COVID-19 Response In Afghanistan, the so-called community isolation measures have been put in place in five major cities including Kabul, the capital. They have caused inconveniences in people's lives in which, for instance, people's access to medical facilities has been mostly limited to those with severe cases for the time being.

At Japan Afghanistan Friendship Hospital in Kabul run by AMDA Afghanistan Chairperson Dr. Rahimi, it has been offering free consultation services for patients who cannot afford to pay a medical bill since mid-March. In addition, it is providing the patients with facial masks, soap and gloves whose prices are soaring. The hospital is referring those who are suspected of COVID-19 symptoms to a nearby public medical facility as well.

The hospital staff are also handing out COVID-19 precaution ads issued by the government, while advising its visitors on what personal protective measures could be taken at home.

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