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  • Activity Report (April-May 2018): AMDA Food Program in Malino, Indonesia

    Publication date:2018-06-13
    By Ahrani Akbar Fachri (AMDA Malino (Indonesia)


    At a supermarket in Makassar

    In mid-April, I paid a visit to Malino’s Batulapisi district in South Sulawesi to monitor the AMDA Food Program, a program to promote (active) organic farming.  
    Before visiting the farm, I dropped by a local supermarket in Makassar, the provincial capital, to do a little research on how AMDA’s organic rice has been sold. One bag of rice was priced at 66,599 IDR (roughly 530 JPY or 4.80 USD) per two kilos.

    • Delivery of Farm-Produce Harvested from AMDA Food Program

      Publication date:2015-12-28
      Since 2012, AMDA staff have been making courtesy visits to the diplomatic offices in Japan to hand over agricultural produces (organic rice and rice cake-‘mochi’) harvested from AMDA Notoro farm and Shinjo village. This year, AMDA sent the organic produces to about 13 Embassies and Consulates in Tokyo and Osaka and reported the progress on AMDA Food Program in Shinjo village during courtesy visits to some of the Embassies.

      During the visit to the Embassy of Indonesia in December 2015, the head of agriculture, Mr. Dadeng Gunawan explained the domestic situation in Indonesia:

      • Delivery of rice harvested from AMDA Food Program

        Publication date:2015-01-09
          In December 2014, AMDA staff together with representatives of Shinjo Village Council made a courtesy visit to the diplomatic offices in Japan to hand over rice harvested from AMDA Food Program

        • Report of Organic Agriculture Training at AMDA Farm in Malino, Indonesia

          Publication date:2014-12-16
          AMDA Organic Farm opened in Malino, South Sulawesi, Indonesia in February 2014. An Indonesian trainee, who completed organic agriculture training program at AMDA Farm in Shinjo Village, Okayama in 201

          • AMDA's Newest Project: AMDA Food Program

            Publication date:2012-11-17
            AMDA Food Program is a program aiming to spread organic farming in Asia, based on the motto, "Food is the source of life".AMDA Notoro Farm opened in Notoro district in Shinjo Village, Okayam

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